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Over 20 Arrested After Militarized Police Raid #NoDAPL Prayer Ceremony


Over 20 Arrested After Militarized Police Raid #NoDAPL Prayer Ceremony

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Twenty-one water protectors were arrested on Wednesday after a military-style raid interrupted a peaceful prayer ceremony at a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction site.


History repeats once more. White man comes and steals the land, kills the children and feels vindication instead of shame.
To paraphrase Buffy Sainte Marie words from long ago,"my country 'tis of (some of) thy people the whole world is dying."


Looks a lot like an occupation army disguised as cops to me.
This is what a militarized police force looks like.
It's used to suppress dissent and allow corporations to continue to conduct business regardless of the destruction which might take place.


Is all the military hardware and protective gear supposed to make it look like the Protectors are threatening? Guns and tanks to make sure the prayer circle doesn't hurt the poor police babies? Only the cops appear to look at all menacing. Are the arrests for trespassing? What a ludicrous spectacle of white/corporate 'supremacy'. Riot gear versus prayers.


Keep it up. Militarized state police operations like that cost enough to matter. Keep pushing and make them keep spending big bucks.

The more military armaments the more the expense. It doesn't matter if they get there war weapons free. The operation costs increase geometrically.

Big bills for the military state at home helps everyone facing world-wide US corporatism.


ND, Morton County Sheriff's Department : 701-667-3330

I'll be calling today to politely ask them to stop being foot-soldiers for this metastasizing fascism.


Home of the free? Land of the brave? Sorry, no longer applies...


All of Unicorn Riot's videos and their live stream have been blocked on YouTube.

Something's going down and it's not pretty.

Correction - Unicorn Riot's Website, unicornriot.ninja is still active.


" There was no corporate coverage of the arrests."


From my perspective, these brave, Lakota Sioux are some of the last line of defense for Mother Earth. They are protectors; not protestors! We owe these indigenous Native Americans a debt of gratitude.


Itneer did...check out Howard Zinn 's"Peoplies History of U.S....from pilgrims to present"excellnt!!!couldnt put it down...meant to read it yrs ago!


Wunded Knee deja vue eh???


That would be Gil Scott-Heron, and it was a poem/lyric. Your reference made me go read the full lyric. Powerful stuff. Perhaps someone else will post it here.


So Typical - Over-dress in riot gear to confront unarmed peaceful protestors who are going against the corporate power. Disgusting what our tax dollars pay for!


If Obama had guts and a moral compass he'd federalize the North Dakota National Guard and send them in to protect the Water Protectors.

Well, that's what I'd do.


Do you doubt that the Justice Department officials who took the action while President Obama was in Laos are aware of what has happened since they stopped development of DAPL on federal land or that they are on the line to local authorities to get the stoppage extended? I'm really glad that you don't have the power to create a police riot between "state's rights" in ND and the ND Guard, many of whom are probably ND State Police.

OTOH, neither do I doubt for a minute that the Water Protectors on the scene know that they are risking arrest for trespassing and all the injury that comes from overexcited police with big-boy toys in their hands. That's why they are being so careful to come unarmed themselves and to hold prayer ceremonies rather than militant protests. I admire their dignity and support them in every way I can, including (and primarily) by my own prayer. If you have resources to share, donate to their legal defense fund. I believe the link was in the OP article.


Welcome to America, land of the free and the police state! We all should feel proud to be Americans .... not.


Problem is....Obama does not have any guts.......except to protect his masters. To do otherwise would jeopardize his soon to be multimillion dollar speaking fees and book advances.


I wonder if they were random arrests or targeted arrests?


Thanks for mentioning the Legal Defense Fund Barbara. My $100 was just a drop in the bucket but happily they are already very near their $500,000 goal.


Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard to protect the African American students attempting to integrate Little Rock schools AFTER Governor Faubus called out the very same National Guard to prevent those very same students from entering the previous all-white school.

And it worked. The Guard did an about-face & followed their federal orders.

It was a waterhed moment in American history, and this could be too.

It's nervous Nellies like you and Obama who get people killed and delay progress.

I refer you to Dr.King's Letter From A Birmingham Jail about timidity in the time of crisis. Read it!