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Over 200 National DNC Delegates Call for Withholding of US Military Aid to Israel if Further Annexation Goes Forward

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/over-200-national-dnc-delegates-call-withholding-us-military-aid-israel-if-further


“The billions we give unconditionally to Israel could be spent on domestic priorities and social programs benefiting our most marginalized communities in the United States,”

They already know this. Israel is more important to them.


What benefit does the American people get from Israel that warrants billions of American tax dollars going to Israel each and every year?

I personally have never seen any benefit.


This is useful, but we need to get even louder if we want to change this.

The DNC knows they aren’t representing the people, but money is speech, (as the article notes in terms of campaign contributions.)

I’ll enthusiastically second that motion!!

Not “could”, but SHOULD!!


But never will

As the recent vote shows, you were correct.
The DNC does not care about the Palestinians or how Israel treats them.
They also voted overwhelmingly against Medicare for all. Makes it pretty clear they do not care about US citizens either.

Palestinians, healthcare, climate heating, ecology etc etc. Nothing that does not make money.