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Over 200 Small Business Restaurant Owners and Employers Pen Letter Endorsing Raise the Wage Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/18/over-200-small-business-restaurant-owners-and-employers-pen-letter-endorsing-raise


200 is not enough support, but it is a start. Thanks for the background on this issue.

I trying to think how this would play out if it were reversed, if the gop wanted something passed, with the same thin margin in the Senate. Would they spend weeks debating the issue with themselves and in the press, afraid about what the dems would say if they did it, worrying about the legality, even after the GAO gave their blessing under the rules of reconciliation? Would they worry about a “Manchin” in their ranks?
HELL NO, it would have been passed already, and the gop wouldn’t give a duck fart what the dem’s thought about it either, they wouldn’t even care if it fell within the rules or not, and they would have told their “Manchin”, if you screw this up, your career in politics is over.

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While this important letter must be read by all Dems, it should be specifically aimed at corporate-owned, really-a-rethuglicon Sinema, and cheap, slave-driver, Manchin.