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Over 325 Actions for Peace and Justice Across the US Next Week


Over 325 Actions for Peace and Justice Across the US Next Week

Rev. John Dear

Starting this weekend, over 325 demonstrations, marches, vigils and other public events will be held all across the U.S., covering every state, as part of the second annual “Campaign Nonviolence” week of action. Tens of thousands of people will be gathering and taking to the streets to “connect the dots” and speak out against all the issues of violence, including poverty, war, racism, police brutality, gun violence, nuclear weapons and environmental destruction, and call for a new culture of peace and nonviolence as Dr. King envisioned.


I personally think that we also have to dig down deep into the veiled rhetorical applications of cognitive dissonance of the powerful that creates the massive dissociative corral that constantly murmurs 'don't engage, don't wake up, do-what-we-tell-you-you-deserve-no-dignity-of-knowledge'.

Just watching the presidential debates the murmur between the lines; the impoverished version of kabuki theater with flashy dreamland sets and exclusive club members touting their narcissistic blather - it becomes evident that these fools are living 'the american dream' as performers swaggering and scorning the nightmare being lived beyond the methodologies of their exclusionary and extractive machinery.

Encouraging and facilitating people to approach this as life-long students, to FIRST engage in order to awaken to the ongoing 'ah ha' moments in the countless ways that heart and mind can contribute to the present and future generations - is deeply loved and appreciated.
Thank you Rev. John Dear and the thousands engaging in providing what the privatization of the educational system is attempting to suffocate.