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Over 350,000 Sign Petition to Get Rid of Healthcare Subsidies for Congress


Over 350,000 Sign Petition to Get Rid of Healthcare Subsidies for Congress

Nika Knight, staff writer

Highlighting the hypocrisy of members of Congress who benefit from large healthcare subsidies at the same time that they work to kick millions of Americans off of their health coverage, a man who lost his father to cancer because he was uninsured has created a petition demanding an end to those subsidies for lawmakers.


Of course, lyin Ryan and the rest of his posse aren't willing to give up their gold plated Health policies paid in full forever by the US taxpayers. That's a given. Ryan would say why should he's earned it ! Has he really is the question?


Deaf ears my friends. We could have had Medicare for All instead of the ACA. A majority of voters supported it at the time, but Congress wouldn't even debate its merits when the socialist Obama took it off the table and got in bed with insurance corporations. It is still the answer. More efficient, covered from cradle to grave, and for less than the ACA (or AHA) is doing now while still leaving millions without coverage of any kind.

I signed the petition. Would love to see it reach a couple million!


A drop in the bucket for these Overpaid, Under Ethical, Corrupt parasites.

Get out of the way, and give us back our Representation!


We are told time and time again that these politicians like Ryan, work for us and most know that is total BS! Especially when it comes to healthcare!

It is way, way, past time that disingenuous, bogus statement, that they work for us, becomes a true statement.

I just signed the petition.


It might be a good time to revisit the comedian George Carlin as he had a lot of insight on the way the political class and elite think of the rest of us. He basically said that "they don't give a damn about you." This is about our health care and our government - but they run it and they do whatever they please regardless of what we think. This is truly taxation without representation.

I don't think Obamacare was all that great and I know Trumpcare will not be any good. With Obama care we were forced to buy insurance, government guaranteed the profits to the insurance companies and the IRS was the collection agent. Not a very good scheme for we the people. Trumpcare will throw out the baby with the bath water. We just needed the bath water thrown out. There politicians care only about one thing - themselves and the insurance executives who fund them.


Taxation without representation.


When Trump was found to have declared a $916 million business loss that kept him from paying taxes for years, he (and similar people in similar situations have said the same thing) said it isn't "unethical" to work tax laws to save all that money, it's "smart". When the GOP propose a 30% premium increase to penalize people for going off health care then signing back on later, they say the little people have to be punished for doing something unethical. I suppose it is unethical even if they cancel insurance due to a layoff, instead of because they don't need health care.


The best policy for Ryan and his ilk would be a prison plan.


These healthcare hypocrites, in congress, like Ryan and his FELLOW, criminal cabal buddies...need to be fired by the American people but of course.....NO CHANCE!


Note that Mitch McConnell is wearing three inch falsies on his shoulders.

He wants to look like a real man hardened to endure real austerity.


They get no such "gold plated" policies "paid in full by US taxpayers". It is a myth. It is employer-provided health insurance which is dropped once they, like any federal employee, leave federal employment.

If you are outraged that a very small part of your taxes "subsidize" the health insurtance of federal employees, then you should be even more outraged at how your money spent on food is used by supermarket chains to subsidize the health insurance of the store employees - especially the unionized ones.


Congresscritters, like other federal employees are eligible for affordable retiree medical insurance subsidized by US taxpayers.


Yeah. Medicare. The affordability of all the supplemental insurance required being debatable....


Its all relative. If I retire I pay more than $1,000 per month for medical insurance that my federal retiree friends pay anywhere from $19 to $350 per month for, depending upon which branch of the gubmit they or their spouse worked for.


You are right. I didn't know this, but we can continue our coverage and only pay the current employee-share amount - although I don't know how this works, since the scope of coverage would change once Medicare coverage kicks in. Of course, for the better (non-HMO) coverage I have, it would still close to $500 per month.


I get the point of the petition, but not the logic. Eliminating subsidies for themselves of course would not even matter to them financially, but politically this "option" actually gives them a way out.

The petition should be for fully subsidized Universal Single Payer, an extended system already in place called Medicare.


I say make them live on minumum wage with a free travel and phone card to get to and from work. If they miss a day they are fired unless they have a doctors note. When congress is not in session they need to clock in and prove they are doing the peoples business. They should also be tested for alcohol and drug use once a month. Any political donations should be considered their pay and deducted from their check like all those who are serve uworkers.


As a retired federal employee, the scope of my coverage didn't change at all when I reached Medicare age.


I will sign that petition.