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Over 5 Million Nigerians Urge Government to Reject Monsanto Crops


Over 5 Million Nigerians Urge Government to Reject Monsanto Crops

Nika Knight, staff writer

Monsanto is poised to begin planting genetically modified varieties of corn and cotton in Nigeria, provoking the outrage of millions.

In response to the biotech behemoth's application for the release and marketing of the GMO crops in the West African nation, 100 non-profits representing over 5 million Nigerians on Monday presented the government with a formal objection (pdf).


BRAVO to Nigerians who see the truth! Monsatan and other poison-ag giants are only about profits, regardless the destruction, genetic diversity destroyed, air, water and soil poisoned and depleted, or annual costs to poor people/nations dependent on subsistence farming!
Monsatan will do or push anything regardless how deadly or detrimental to a native culture and sustainable agriculture. The only beneficiary is sometimes corrupt local government easily subverted or complicit!


Monsatan is all about corporate profits stealing from any culture regardless the consequence to that culture and people!




Looks like the people in Nigeria are a whole lot more enlightened than their American counterparts.


This is typical of the "magic believers" that have been with us since the dawning of Aquarius. It isn't the process that is the problem. It is the particular use. This business about Bt decimating the cotton crop in Burkina Faso is baloney. Bt reduces the amount of pesticides necessary to produce cotton by huge amounts as has been shown in both the Far East and in the US. The use of Round up ready crops is an entirely different story, as anyone with a functional brain stem should realize. Round up ready crops PROMOTE the use of herbicides. Bt crops REDUCE the use of insecticides. The former is a very bad idea. The latter is a very good idea.

That there are people who can't make the distinction brings into serious question the evolution of human intelligence.


Furthermore, the linked story makes it clear that being Bt wasn't the reason for the decline in the quality of the fiber in Burkina Faso. The problem was that they stuck the Bt gene into cotton strains that weren't producing the best. All they have to do is add Bt to superior strains developed in Burkina Faso for Burkina Faso growing conditions instead of the standard varieties that Monsanto plays with.

The history of the decline in fiber length in Bt cotton in BF is classic for what happens when you do an F2 and further generational cross using strains that are already hybrids. You get regression towards the mean.


Wikileaks memoes show the US Government will tiie foreign aid directly to whether or not a given country will accept GMO crops. If they do not the US will pull or lessen the aid.


The Gates Foundation, like the US Government is also creating "incentives" for African nations to accept GMO crops.


Cotton was one of the crops/industries Industrial Hemp (IH) was outlawed to protect - along with cannabis/marijuana in 1937 - racism against Mexicanos and blacks was also a factor.
http://www.hampapartiet.se/25.pdf - highly recommended history!

Cotton requires huge amounts of fertilizers and deadly pesticides - hemp none. IH is one of the most valuable, most diverse, most environmentally friendly plants on earth, but has been demonized by industries and political forces to remain outlawed costing our nation perhaps trillions, reducing jobs and victimizing millions! Hemp is a miracle plant and cousin cannabis a safe and effective medicine! END THE PROHIBITION NOW!!



http://www.pan-uk.org/archive/News/Press%20Release/pr130207ejf.html Cottons deadly chemicals


Some may not know thewhat Bt is all about.

"Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) is a naturally-occurring soil bacterium that produces poisons which cause disease in insects."