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Over 700 Protesters Arrested in Minneapolis, NYC During "Count Every Vote" Demonstrations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/over-700-protesters-arrested-minneapolis-nyc-during-count-every-vote-demonstrations


Armed Trumpers are allowed to do whatever they want to threaten voting and vote counting.
But the police, who are on Trump’s side, arrest non-violent people trying to protect voting rights.


And where did they house those 700 protesters?


During past protests when masses of good people were busted, NYC police made sure they were detained in foul facilities without access to adequate food, toilets, water, medical care, legal aid.
Their goal is to make protesting too painful.
The message of the autocratic regime is: shut up and take whatever abuse we dish out.


Yes. You reminded me of that. How quickly we forget.

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This begs the question of “How many protesters do you have to have before they don’t bother arresting them?”

PS As we speak hundreds of trumpista protesters are outside of Arizona vote counting place. Zero arrests that I know of.

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It’s a public nuisance to protest injustices, but it’s not a public nuisance what trump has done every week of the past four years. Hmm.

Most of the trump administration should be under house arrest, and many have been convicted and sent to jail already.

Our priorities stink.

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“Count every vote!” How dare they… /snark