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Over 75 Arrested in Ottawa as Youth Demand Climate Action from Trudeau


Over 75 Arrested in Ottawa as Youth Demand Climate Action from Trudeau

Nika Knight, staff writer

Demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline and live up to his campaign promises regarding climate change, 100 students and young people from around the country demonstrated Monday at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.


I wonder if there will be similar rallies in DC when HRC signs TPP into law. You know, because she's against it.


Gee, I wonder how long it will take @Don to comment on the virtues of Canadian capitalism. :laughing:


The leadership in Canada sucks.
But it doesn't suck as badly as the leadership in America sucks.
At least Canadians have a universal health care system, good dental care and vision care included.


Speaking of Clinton (or more likely Obama, in December) signing TPP, the Canadian single-payer medical insurance and negotiated drug prices will be history once TPP is signed, irrespective of what CETA's fate is.

The time is right for the Green Party to field candidates in Canadian elections.


That is one of the main reasons that Brexit passed in England.
Those over 55 figured that out and voted to leave the EU before the TPP was passed.


He's talking about Trump voters.


In the last election I let people know I was voting Green. Many suggested this would be a mistake as this would split the vote on the left and allow Harper to win again.

They suggested if I wanted to see movement on protecting the environment , I would do well to vote Liberal as Trudeau was committed to protecting the same . I responded that it was just another party that supported big business and the Corporations.

I would hope more Canadians will come to understand this.

I use this as an example to Americans committed to vote for MS Clinton as she claims to be a champion of the environment.

Vote Green. It the only rational choice.


The 1% rules. Bitumen sinks. No clean necessary. Out of site out of mind. You don't get a vote.


Obama already signed the TPP after congress gave it "fast track" approval. Now congress just has to approve it in the lame duck session after the election in November. Clinton won't have to do anything. That's shy she can say now during the campaign that she no longer supports the TPP. She doesn't have to because she will never have to renege on a campaign promise that means nothing.


Don conveniently forgets the G20.


I think it's called "selective memory." :laughing:


All power to the people. Shut down Canada. Student strike. Down, down, down, with Trudeau. Overthrow the government.


(Default comment for Trudeau related travesties)

A Liberal dose of deceit


Why support a political party who thinks exploitation of the voiceless is employment?
That basically eliminates all contenders of Canada's political spectrum.

Yes its crude and rude. So are politics and the politicians.


If you don't like fossils fuels, well then stop using the products. Cars, plas?tics and synthetic fabrics are hard to give up and we don't want to. That's the real rub isn't it and something not easily solved. That would actually require us to change our ways.

It seems to me that if you actually want to do something that we think very, very hard about revamping transportation. That accounts for 70 percent of the carbon emissions. Isn't that the low lying fruit in this scenario. Bitumen isn't normally used for gasoline production.


Trudeau has been a major disappointment. Worse yet we can now expect the Conservatives to win next election. We continue to repeat our mistakes over and over again.


It is in the headline.
All the clues I needed.
I almost missed it.
Notice how corporations never have to, or for that matter, even get arrested?
Yet they break law all the time.
They get to exist in contempt of a countries constitution, and politicians do not, for the most part, even bat an eyelash.
Funny that...


Though Canada has universal health care, that does not include 'dental' or 'vision' for most of the population. Dental will be covered if dental surgery is carried out in a hospital; and various surgical procedures like cataract surgery are covered.