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Over 75 Indigenous Women Urge Biden to Stop Climate-Wrecking Pipelines and Respect Treaty Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/14/over-75-indigenous-women-urge-biden-stop-climate-wrecking-pipelines-and-respect


Here is a treaty right, the WTO requires we do it now that we started it. According to PIIE.


Aren’t we the new Saudi Arabia that wants to supply energy to the rest of the world, even if we have to freeze to do it?

Huh? LNG, silly. Its so much more profitable selling it elsewhere. Plus we get to tear down whole neighborhoods and build new ones, “slum clearance” on the taxpayers dime.

Biden did nominate Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior - so that’s a good start. She must be confirmed if these pipeline are to be shut down.
In 2016, Haaland went to the camps erected in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline and cooked green chili stew and handmade tortillas for the families. She was never the establishment’s choice to lead a department that manages tribal affairs as well as the public lands and natural resources taken from First Peoples.
If Haaland’s appointment is confirmed, we will have turned a page—not because the insiders wanted it, but because the people fought for it. “This historic moment will not go by without the acknowledgment of the many people who have believed in me over the years and had the confidence in me for this position,” Haaland said in her acceptance speech. “I’ll be fierce for all of us, for our planet and all of our protected land. I’m honored and ready to serve.” “It would be an honor to move the Biden-Harris climate agenda forward, help repair the government to government relationship with Tribes that the Trump Administration has ruined, and serve as the first Native American cabinet secretary in our nation’s history.”
The establishment (fossil fools) will obviously attempt to thwart her nomination, but I am guardedly hopeful she will be confirmed.


“I am acutely reminded of the drastic contrast of response that Indigenous peoples experienced at Standing Rock where we were attacked by dogs, maced, shot at with rubber bullets, strip searched, put in dog kennels when arrested, and our bodies marked with numbers for peacefully protecting our water and lands.”

Quite a difference, indeed. Those “boys-not-men” who stormed the capital, aided and abetted by a good numbers of cops, are of the same ilk as those who brutalized the indigenous people and their rights as their nationalism is for a white country that so many fancy their ancestors died for-stealing with guns and germs. The survivors of this brutalization are a reminder of the rightful inhabitants of the land they stole.

Contrast the deadly immaturity of “proud boys”, not men, to the ancient maturity of the peoples that have cared, honored and protected this land for thousands of years.


Folks Might also want to download and read Convention 169 of the UN ILO.

Summary Handout: ~https://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/—asia/—ro-bangkok/documents/presentation/wcms_099187.pdf

World Bank: Bank Policy 4.10; and IFC Performance Standard No. 7 on indigenous peoples – concept of free, prior and informed consultation

The US is among the outliers keeping the door open for genocide/ethnocide/assimilation … if fossil fuel industry sycophants have their way.

Stand with Indigenous Peoples like your life depends on it … because in the long run, it does.


Don’t forget Brazil which is BURNING what has been called the lungs of our planet. The problems are global and we must thank and support the peoples who are fighting the destruction of their home. There is only one earth.


I almost hate to bring it up, but, I expected the comments to be all about trashing Biden. I am pleasantly surprised that folks are talking about the problem instead.

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Absolutely! Thank you for adding this!

Two publications, IMHO, worth downloading, reviewing and citing:

Complicity IN Destruction III:
How global corporations enable violations
of Indigenous peoples’ rights in the Brazilian Amazon


2021 Report on Violence Against Indigenous Peoples In Brazil - 2020 DATA

Go Solar Joe , its the only way.

Yes, not men… but boys who are proud!

Hi Hayduke;
YES, to everything you said. It’s the least that Biden could do for the planet, after pushing Bush’s wars and screwing over Anita Hill. Although some of the people he is nominating are very creepy. REMEMBER, Earth is our only home----so don’t screw this up!

not waiting for “I will not ban fracking” Joe to act in a coherent manner as he is shown by his own words to be a science denier–organize to stop the use of fossil fuels–it may be our only chance

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There is no contrast Giovanna. My only hope is, the ancient maturity you speak of, will one day be recognised to its full extent.