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Over a Year Away From Primaries, NY State Democratic Leader Warns AOC Against Challenging Schumer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/28/over-year-away-primaries-ny-state-democratic-leader-warns-aoc-against-challenging


“She has a constituency that admires her and supports her, and they’re in her community, and I think it would be a loss for them if she were to do that,” Jacobs

What a pathetic excuse. She shouldn’t run for the Senate because she is too good at being a Congressperson.

With leadership like this, it’s no wonder the democrat corporation is destroying this country.


Let AOC stay in the House for now, gaining more experience, and get Zephyr Teachout to challenge Chucky. Teachout has more statewide name recognition, and maybe, finally would have a chance to take down a corporate lackey like Schumer.


Translation: AOC terrifies the hell out of me!


We must remember that Wall Street resides in the State of New York. I truly adore AOC, but political calculus must always be considered.


I just read a report from NBC that Chuck Schumer is telling his closest confidants that he doesn’t think they stand a chance to win in Georgia.
Schumer prays every day that Ossoff and Warnock don’t win in January. Because if they do, Chuck will be in the hot seat. He will find himself right where he most fears being, in a leadership position at a time of national upheaval.
The truth is that Chuck, and the rest of the Third Way Nixon republicans, want a split congress. It gives them a built in excuse for doing nothing. “It’s those big meanie republicans that don’t want MFA and the Green New deal! Not us. We really really tried!”
You can just see the great democratic excuse train just about ready to leave the station.


Two years out and already screaming
Back Of The Bus!

The message is to ALL progressives, running or voting.


If AOC persists in her endeavor to unseat Chucky, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Corporate wing of the party gets dirty and starts claiming Alexandria is antisemitic.


That’s a given. Anybody that runs against a Jewish candidate in New York is smeared as anti-Semitic.
Who knew that TelAviv was one of NYCs boroughs?
Chuck knows


Similar to pushing Bernie Sanders off Iowa primaries when he was ahead in Iowa. The DNC was promoting that crook Buttigieg out of the blue. Biden is dutifully following DNC recommendations for making Buttigieg a candidate for cabinet post. Schumer is backed by the US corporate Zionist lobby and the state of Israel. In fact he might as well call himself the representative from Israeli elites. AOC should not be dictated to, she is free to challenge any politician she wants, that’s the essence of freedom and democracy.


I do agree with gaining more experience in the lower house, however she should not be deterred by the DNC dictates.


I agree. She is savvy enough for the job if she wants to run. But not a sure thing to get the leadership position.
She is just as well to run for Pelosi’s spot as House leader.
She would be a big step forward in either.


The House and the Senate have been a “borough” of TelAviv my entire lifetime. And probably in every Statehouse and major city in the US and every other western “Democracy” in the world.


Here is this generation’s chance. If A.O.C. gets the necessary support, we can begin to make a sea-change in American politics. Does this generation have what it takes to manifest this? I just hope A.O.C. protects herself with adequate security and never loses her fire and brilliance. I fall in love again every time I read what she said.


I thought diversity was the whole idea of corporate Dems? Not when it impacts them I guess. That is why or one more reason why their whole plan is flawed. Getting rid of Schumer would be a blessing.


Hasn’t it been way past time for Schumer to go?


We need more representatives like AOC, she is a true blessing


I know it probably did not apply in Schumer’s case, but shouldn’t we want to see some signs that AOC has been effective in bringing change to the House before she races on up the careerist ladder to the Senate, home of those who are insulated from ever doing what the voters want? I realize refusing to fight for M4A ala #Forcethevote would be a strong qualifier for the Senate, as is voting for Pelosi as Speaker for the second time and voting for the Cares Act giveaway to the oligarchs, but I’m talking about substantive change rather than pretty words relegated to election rhetoric. What exactly has she fought for and accomplished that should spur us to stampede to support her for Senate leadership?


She should go for Speaker of the House as soon as practical.
Then President in 2024.


AOC…Stay in the house where you have a voice that is much needed.
If you run for the senate, the DNC will do to you what it did to Bernie, they will find a way to make sure you don’t win.