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Over GOP 'Build the Wall' Chants and Sabotage Efforts, House Democrats Pass 'Historic' Bill to Shield Dreamers From Trump Deportation Force

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/over-gop-build-wall-chants-and-sabotage-efforts-house-democrats-pass-historic-bill


This is a thrilling news report!
Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a pathway to citizenship, is the next step.
Humanity moves forward.

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Are you listening Nancy Pelosi? “Chucky” Schumer? A strong progressive path is the way to defeat the evil and destructive trump agenda and regime, NOT coddling neo-liberal “centrist” corporate whores! Not like Joe “foot in mouth” Wall St Joe Biden or any of the other shills for business as usual!

Stand-up and fight for something for a change! Leave the failed DINO “strategists” behind and actually fight for something worthwhile rather than the usual political scheming and vote counting - inform and inspire the people - people of good conscience are looking for true leaders, NOT mealy-mouthed self-interested politicians or tools of big-money!!


Mikey, you’re the alien here.


It was not that simple. Trump sought to change family based immigration policies as well. (Once upon a time the GOP was family based rather than lie based also…) There were a lot of good reasons to reject the offer. Trump was the one playing politics with the Dreamers because he ended the DACA program and then teased Dems with the proposal. If it was a bad deal then ok, but clearly it wasn’t because he proposed it in order to further his own agenda. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good straw man though.


The Senate won’t pass it. At least it will draw a distinction between the two parties showing that the GOP position runs contrary to the public consensus. As Jon Bon Jovi says “Mama I’ve got to try.”


In the mean time signatures for a petition

Close the Homestead Child Detention Center!

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No human being is illegal.



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If objections to immigration are a product of racism, how could such an issue have gained any public support?

Be happy you weren’t born into strife Mikey.

Your perspective on this might be different.

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And President Trump will support this legislation, and support Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a path to citizenship. Yes, indeed!

So you must have been quite excited when you found out that Trump, the maniacal bigoted misogynist fascist jerk (your type of guy!) came up with the sick political scheme to require essentially support for his racist fucking wall to “pave a pathway to citizenship” while cooking up plan after plan to be cruel to people fleeing the hell that the US has had a lot to do with creating.

I’m surprised you’re not sitting on the border right now with your clucking gun. Wait, are you?