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Over Last 30 Years, Wages for Top 1% Soared by 160% While Wages of Bottom 90% Actually Went Down

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/over-last-30-years-wages-top-1-soared-160-while-wages-bottom-90-actually-went-down

The trends addressed by the author and many other regressive trends in the US during the past four decades continue to be driven by BIPARTISAN diluting and dismantling of reform era (1890-1920) regulations, New Deal era (1933-1945) regulations, and Great Society (1960-1970) regulations.

Until all of those regulations are restored and meaningful enforcement established, expect these trends to continue in the same downward spiral, expediting the 1%'s goal of a neofeudal paradise for them and a neofeudal hell for the 99%.

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Note that this upwards distribution occurred no matter which Political party held power and in spite of the fact that those people like Solomon insist on reforming the Democratic party from within.

The “progressive” wing of the Democratic party has really accomplished little if anything of note in all of that time but in election after election they insist that their plan of internal reform will work. Now this article speaks to domestic Politics. At the foreign policy level when one measures the coups sponsored and wars waged abroad by the Republicans or the Democrats , there no real difference either.


One of THREE things, I’d been fool enough to hope-y Obama’d change-y was due to his Senate Employee Misclassification Act of 2007. We were ALL suddenly being speciously re-classified as independent contractors (ie: no overtime, social security, worker’s compensation, unemployment or Medicaid/ Medicare witholding). And no fair or independent Judiciary to protect us… Oh, well?

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“Trickle Down” economics has always been about the rich pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining, whether it was Raygun or Hoover, the numbers don’t lie.

But even worse , productivity went up !!!

It’s like the Grasshopper’s and Ants from the animation film Antz.
People vote for the S’s


They will give away all their freedoms due to FEAR as long as they have the 3. S’s.

What happened to “ Give me liberty or Death.”

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“But even worse, productivity went up!!!”

Absolutely correct, it went up a good amount.

the top 1% has !WAGES???