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Over Three Months Into Pandemic and Job Losses Remain at Historic Levels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/18/over-three-months-pandemic-and-job-losses-remain-historic-levels

5.3 million workers in the public or private sectors will likely lose their jobs by 2021…, if aid to state and local gov’ts …doesn’t materialize by the end of July-August, 2020… Yup, pretty much.
Most of these workers are represented by unions, too. ( Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! ) McConnell & Co.'s oppurtunistic and mercenary tactics are working out just fine. COVID-19, the pandemic that just keeps on giving and giving… the Neo-Fascists ( The Corporotocracy ) in our Congress ways of disrupting and destroying organized labor and the " dazed and confused " masses; longing to work, eat regularly and live in something besides a car, van or tent.
FYI- The real unemployment rate is still closer to 21% than 17%, I would wager, with any non-fascist sympathizer. " How high is the water, Papa? 3 ft. high, and rising… How high is the water, Mama? 4 ft high, and rising… How high is the water, Papa? 5 ft. high, and rising…How high is the water, Mama? Mama? Mama?..Papa, where’s Mama? Well son, the last thing she said was " she was.going with the flow ". That’s all I know. " Sorry, Mr. Cash

Not only will The botched COVID-19 response result in the HIGHEST UI rate in history, but the rapidity of the spike in the UI rate is exponentially faster than ever seen.

Previous downturns of all scales magnitudes have indeed seen limited sectors experience rapid spikes. The current crash is affecting way more sectors way faster and requires a response that is not happening.

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Not everyone. I guess I don’t exist in the eyes of the government, and plenty more like me.

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I predict if some form of UBI doesn’t materialize by the end of the summer, TPTB better start running for their plush bunkers. It’s going to make the BLM protests of today look like childs play.

Well, I can see various scenarios playing out, that’s certainly one of them. Sadly, very Sadly.
Hell, millions may already be living on the streets so they won’t have to; well, travel very far, right?
{ Sorry for the snark }

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I figured that, and my post wasn’t meant to snap back at you.

Whats scary is a huge disinvestment in high skill US workers and replacement of us in jobs by guest workers who are paid in many cases barely a minimum wage, was contemplated as early as the 1980s and a legal format (the WTO) was put into place starting in the Uruguay Round and the Punta Del Este Declaration, and the Marrakesh Agreement, to do it by “liberalizing services” Turning services, 90% of a modern economy, into tradable commodities.

Using the GATS and similar agreements, So people should not blame COVID-19 for losses in many good jobs. These changes were planned decades ago and were and remain seen as a “benefit” of the GATS and similar agreements - increased global competition and lowering of incompatible standards (wage and labor laws, licensing, and antidiscrimination laws being framed as unwanted trade barriers to this race to the bottom) The putting of the world’s workforce in direct competition with one another by a series of irreversible steps (the ratchet) is a means of lowering wages globally by labor arbitrage.

The ultimate plan is likely to replace skilled workers for cost reasons all around the world using the WTO dispute DS503 between India and the US (visa fees and quotas, and wages) as a test case to establish a global legal precedent within WTO law -binding in various ways on all 164 WTO Members, although many have not made committments…

This sacrifice of jobs by wealthy country workers is supposed to help prop up the governments of a belt of authoritarianm highly indebted countries in a belt stretching across the world. (see the UN’s LDC list)

The connection is made clear in a UN document
A/RES/44/232 22 December 1989 “Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries”
with the goal of allowing the wealthy owners of the most powerful firms in these poor countries to use exports of services to rich countries as a means of…

What? A means of what? Employing their young elites in wealthy countries, in entry level professional jobs?

lowering the wages in the rich countries - creating a race to the bottom globally rather than the previous a race to the top?

Paying off the Third World Debt without establishing any means of accountability for the wealthy in those countries who stole it, often fleeing to tax havens?

I don’t have a certain answer, but it seems from the document that a link is clearly drawn between the Third World Debt and this proposed wealth transfer in the above 1989 document, which as been going on for a long time, but the depth of the changes has been frustrated by low levels of “ambition” in the last few decades by some developed countries, particularly the US where Congress holds control over “immigration” which here also includes “non-immigration” i.e. “temporary movement of natural persons to provide services” which the WTO considers its jurisdiction.