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Overcoming Governor's Veto, Rightwing Nebraska Ends Death Penalty


Overcoming Governor's Veto, Rightwing Nebraska Ends Death Penalty

Jon Queally, staff writer

Overcoming a veto by Governor Pete Ricketts, the Nebraska legislature on Wednesday voted to abolish the death penalty in the conservative midwestern state.

The move makes Nebraska the 19th in the U.S. to have imposed a ban on the practice, which opponents have long considered cruel and morally repugnant.


When all else fails appeal to the pocketbooks of the citizenry. This strategy accomplished what " pleading for justice " couldn’t. That’s rather sad, since the death penalty has much flawed logic and pernicious intent, but I’ll take this victory over Gov. Ricketts’ urban legends mythology and racist fearmongering. Now, if we just apply this pocketbook argument to our pernicious and ugly foreign policies and malicious military adventurism. If this red state gets it, can blue state demagogues finally come clean and quit there small minded pandering, and end the death penalty for all the right reasons?


As mrsannhitts, said, I’ll take it too. It’s certainly not an unimportant victory.
But I don’t like winning for the wrong reasons because that it makes it possible for supporters to eliminate that reason and then continue or reinstate. As he notes, this makes this an issue of money and not of conscience. The death penalty is wrong and unacceptable - for anyone, for any reason - wrong.


In fairness to Nebraskans, there was a moral component to ending this, but Americans don’t like throwing good money after bad unless it’s for Empire Building or other fool’s errands, of course. And, then the MSM, especially the NYT, CNN, FOX and WAPO, step up and due their patriotic best to further the propaganda barrage. And, it’s more than that by a long shot, but they are the mostly costly lies of all. " A lie spreads half way around the world before the truth gets its’ pants on. " M. Twain


They managed to abolish the death penalty but they couldn’t find the votes to legalize medical marijuana – reptards make no sense anymore.