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Overheated Planet Entering 'Unchartered Territory at Frightening Speed'

Overheated Planet Entering 'Unchartered Territory at Frightening Speed'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A still from a NASA animation showing how carbon dioxide moves around the planet. (Screenshot: NASA)

With new evidence that the concentration of greenhouse gases broke yet another record in 2014, the head of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned on Monday that the warming planet is hurtling "into unchartered territory at a frightening speed."




If anyone wonders why it may be possible for a progressive like Bernie to gain the White House after decades of supporting progressive issues and speaking truth to oligarchy then 400ppm CO2 should tell you the answer.

People are sensing that the politicians and corporations are just too greedy and can’t be trusted to do the things that need to be done. People see that we need someone different. People are seeing it all over the world as conservative leaders are being voted out in favor of more progressive ones.

The human race is getting scared and status quo corporate sponsored politicians are fools here at the eleventh hour.

400ppm - is self explanatory. We need real change …who among the major candidates do you think gives us the biggest chance of things changing like they need to be changed? Who has continually tried to change them over the years?

Go Bernie… we could use your help.


Thanks CD, for continuing to present articles on climate. Dire as the article seems, it still leaves out significant facts, such as: the carbon in the atmosphere at present is made up of emissions from years ago, and the current record carbon emissions haven’t even been included in atmospheric measurements. Therefore, we will see concentrations continue to rise past 400 ppm- it’s baked into the cake, so to speak.

Also, methane is 20 times more destructive than carbon, and after some years of decay, it becomes ‘only’ 7 times as destructive. That is why the rapidly ongoing thaw is of so much concern. If (when) even a fraction of the sequestered methane is released, it is game over.


Based on his record, Bernie is currently pro-nuke, and has stated that the waste can be stored on Indian land, specifically at Sierra Blanca, in Texas. It stores Maine and Vermont’s nuclear waste, including waste generated by a new nuclear research facility at UVM. Indigenous folks probably don’t want to feel THAT burn. Please educate yourselves, beyond rudimentary google searches, my fellow progressives. There is a lot of media and political obfuscation about all aspects of the nuclear industry.


Keep in mind that the carbon (& methane) going into the air today won’t be fully felt for years. Our goose is likely cooked. Our only chance of survival is the dis-empowerment of global corporate rule rapidly and by any and all means necessary and it’s replacement with eco-focused socialism that includes permaculture development of carbon-neutral and carbon reducing energy and technology to reduce the carbon already in the system. That our last window of opportunity is fast closing will hopefully shake enough people out of their self-absorbed commodity fetish torpor to do what is needed.


He didn’t say he was pro nuke. He said they were last resort. Two different things. Storing waste? Could you give me the quote you base this on?


I think replacing whole economic systems will have to wait a few years but that selected parts of our capitalist system could certainly use more socially focused programs rather than only corporate focused ones.

The last window of opportunity is closing fast and lo and behold we get tossed the ringer >>> TPP trade agreements that will make mitigating climate change so very much more difficult if not impossible.

That at this last eleventh hour that an extraordinary agreement (with such broad and encompassing power over national laws) is promoted by the powers that be, is not a coincidence!

It is the power grab… corporate fascism… One World Corporate Government.

Environmentalists need not apply.


Do you really believe that the 1% think that they are exempt? I don’t. I believe that they are psychologically fixated on greed like an anorexic girl is so obsessively fixated on looking fat that she starves herself to death. Weight lifters who will turn themselves into grotesque physical forms using steroids until ill health bowls them over. Obsessive fixation…

I think of the 1% as being like those who saw that the Golden Goose was sick and dying yet couldn’t stop themselves from forcing her to lay just one more golden egg. They couldn’t stop themselves from acting like the 1% even when it was against all logic and their own survival.

I also think that they simply avoid learning about global warming. Like the Gov. of Florida - Rick Scott - who banned any mention of global warming in state reports (including those of Florida’s own EPA). They don’t want to know about that which they don’t care about.

They just want to be 'happy' at whatever cost to the planet.

edit added… Great Scot! I got rick scott and scott walker mixtiplicated. Oops and corrected.


I have only one thing to say… Bernie Sanders 2016.


So do you just make this stuff up on the spur of the moment or do you consult with the Clinton Dynasty Headquarters first?


We don’t seem to be able to do even the most simple things to save the climate for our children. Millions of camp fires putting co2 into the atmosphere. Driving a maximum of 55MPH to save fuel. Composting leaves instead of burning them. Reducing our military and stopping all our wars. we need to move fast and we need to be serious about changing our ways of living. It’s not sustainable.
I am voting for Bernie Sanders.


Reforms are nice but corporate influence precludes and prevents doing anything to the extent that it matters. Capitalism is the problem and it’s killing life on earth.


" The human race is literally frying itself to extinction. And the .01% think they are exempt."

You are correct and they are so greedy and insouciant that the perdition of our planet is irrelevant to them. Even though they cannot breathe gold; drink gold; or eat gold; yet gold is still more important to them than life itself and saving the planet.


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As long as politicians (and their big-money clients) hold the reins of government rather than scientists we will continue toward “uncharted territory”, AKA self-destruction, oblivion, Hell in a handbasket, environmental catsasstrophe, etc.

There is no dialogue possible with greed-driven ignorance and stupidity. politicians don’t really give a shite about the planet, the people, our air, water, farmlands, oceans, bays and estuaries, rivers & lakes, all the other creatures great and small we share Mother Earth with - NOTHING - unless it affects their campaign contribution bribes, power, jobs, or corporate. banker, military domination over our republic - NOTHING!

When such ignorance, arrant stupidity, (Hey, lets hear it for Sen Jim Inhofe!) blindness, arrogance, and self-interest guides our planet and especially our nation, we will NOT be able to end the slide into “uncharted territory”! That ship has sailed I suspect…


In 1998, the House of Representatives approved a compact struck between Texas, Vermont and Maine that would allow Vermont and Maine to dump low-level nuclear waste at a designated site in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Sanders, at the time representing Vermont in the House, cosponsored the bill and actively ushered it through Congress. This site sits above the Oglala Aquifier, upon which, Texas and Oklahoma depend for drinking water. It is also currently the only site in the country that can receive waste, because of the accident at WIPP, in New Mexico (another so-called “low level” site, that was disposing of non-permitted, high-level waste from Los Alamos, which was mishandled and blew up). Many fear a similar situation is developing at the site in TX, since pressure is building to dispose of hundreds of tons of waste, nation wide. This pressure is exacerbated by Obama updating the Nuclear arsenal. As a member of committees related to these issues, Sanders has not been effective in stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons and waste.

Consider the partnership, fostered by Sanders, between University of Vermont and Sandia labs (operated under contract by Lockheed Martin) to create a Nuclear Research Center. “The IGERT program at UVM is operated in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, who provide research experience and mentoring for all trainees, as well as short courses on smart grids and cognitive sciences. Participation in this program is a great way to experience first-hand the exciting culture of one of the nation’s great national laboratories (and manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction- my words),” from the UVM website.

Have UVM and Sandia/Lockheed National Labs discovered a way to do what Einstein couldn’t- simultaneously prevent AND prepare for nuclear war? These are concerning Bernie- bedfellows that are not getting much attention these days.

He was ineffective in getting the dangerously-past-it’s-lifespan, Vermont Yankee Nuclear PP, shuttered. In fact, it had extension on it’s operating permit granted In March of 2011, days after the Fukushima triple meltdown. Sanders did write a letter of protest to the NRC, and the plant operator fortunately shut it down voluntarily in 2014.

Sanders’ “last resort/moratorium” position on nuclear power is on par with Clinton saying Keystone XL is a “distraction.” There is a mile of wiggle room in those statements- please examine the context/record before making assumptions about candidates’ agendas, based on what they may say.


So are you content with simply announcing this to the universe? How many decades before that could happen if ever? Decades? A century? Ever?

Climate change will have arrived at the catastrophic level far more quickly than that. Capitalism may in fact be changed by climate change but it might actually be getting worse (TPP) too. Reforms are like steps, one after another until you arrive at the top floor.

Meanwhile save the near future and the distant future will always be there. Sacrifice the near future and there is no future after that.

If there is some way that capitalism could be replaced or modified quickly than please tell me. History shows what happened after 1917. I don’t believe in any ‘ism’! Capitalism, socialism, thisism or thatism! Mix em up all together, take a little from this and a little from that and eventually you might have something useful.

Meanwhile either you fix the leaky roof (reforms) or you build a whole new house. If it looks like a storm is coming in, then how much time do you have left? Reforms first … Step by step.

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Hell, all the 1% need to do is to turn up the air conditioning. Given that their heads are so far up their asses, the only problem is in finding the thermostat. Oh wait, no problem at all. Just have some servant do it.


Equal opportunity frying pan! Sizzle baby! Sizzle!

Those who don’t care to know the truth…don’t care that they don’t know it either. It is the latter that annoys the f’k out of everybody else’

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