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Overpaid Oil CEOs for Top Diplomat?


Overpaid Oil CEOs for Top Diplomat?

Sarah Anderson

Reuters is reporting that Donald Trump is considering ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson and former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond for the post of Secretary of State.


For Trump, the smartest people are the richest people.

7 Reasons Rich People Are Psychopaths:


Why not? After all, we have a narcissistic, bloviating, misogynistic, bigoted, bejeweled, racist, sexually perverted psychopath as PE.


Long live death!

Oil CEO's pursue death of earth

I was reading a op-ed and came across that short sentence: Long live death.

The article was posted on Nov 11, 2015 and written by the French polymath Bruno Latour.

“The Other State of Emergency” is the title of the short piece that begins with
What is so discouraging about the terrorist acts is that our discussion of what motivated the operations is as insane as the acts themselves. With each attack of this nature, we restage the grand war drama, the nation in peril and the protector-state purporting to rise up against barbarity. This is what states do, we say: we should have a basic expectation of security, and the state should have the means to provide it. End of story.

How can we forget over and over again that the oath of office for Federal employees is not to provide security for the citizens but to “protect the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies”? We also forget that there was no standing army because the founding generation knew from history that leaders used the threats to justify wars which in face were domestic calculations to maintain power.

This article was written just before the COP21 conference whose outcome was to ratify for the first time an agreement of every country to work to reduce greenhouse gasses. From Bruno I have learned that the major player in politics is The New Climate regime which unlike a terrorist attack, even the one 10 miles from my house when 1 man wielded a knife and injured some dozen people when trying to run over them, which led to a massive military response to shut down Ohio State university and all the hardware and security forces“protecting” the citizens from this terrorist. In contrast The New Climate regime will effect everything, but was ignored in the media and the presidential campaign.

The second paragraph

But what makes the current situation so much more dismaying is that the crimes committed on 13 November have occurred within a few days of another event about to take place that involves tragedies of a different kind, ones that will require that we come up with very different answers to wholly different threats that have nothing to do with ISIS/Daech. I am referring, of course, to the World Climate Change Conference in Paris, the COP21, which we are now liable to deem less serious, less urgent than the police response to the bloody escapades of those machinegun-toting lunatics.

Terrorists are nihilists. But we are also nihilists as earthbounds trash the earth which will lead to deaths of millions if not billions of earthbounds and species in the continued attack on mother earth where the real war is between companies and corporations as they go after resources.

There are 76 law enforcement agencies, so far, protecting the pipeline in South Dakota from the terrorist group, the scary force that might be unleashed by The Water Protectors

The Other State of Emergency
The Other State of Emergency

Here is text of a speech in 2013 when he was awarded the Holberg pize in social sciences and the humanities which many consider the Nobel Prize for this area

Holberg Prize reception speech

In other words, terrorism is changing the subject from the largest issue facing all of us


This fits perfectly with Trump's repeated calls to "take the oil".

Oh yes that Trump continues his attack on the Establishment!