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Overturning Feticide Conviction, Judge Orders Purvi Patel Immediately Freed


Overturning Feticide Conviction, Judge Orders Purvi Patel Immediately Freed

Nika Knight, staff writer

A superior court judge in Indiana on Wednesday ordered the immediate release of Purvi Patel, the Indiana woman who was convicted of "feticide" and sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2015 for losing her pregnancy, after resentencing Patel to less time than she has already served.


So what's your point? You've taken a sentence out of this article and a couple of words out of the sentence to post a thread that goes off on your personal tangent. Perhaps I am obtuse but I don't see the connection or how your disagreement with semantics is a symptom of culture death. Culture change, maybe...but death?


still trying to control women's bodies and our lives. enuf already! down with patriarchy and its ugly "laws" and false morality. if it really cared about children, none of them would go hungry in Amerika!


Nor would children have to die from US weapons/forces in other parts of the world, if the patriachy really cared for children.


i hope you get the long-term psychological therapy you so clearly need.


Women are people. Case closed.


How whimsical is US "justice". One state judge called a woman's assumed act to terminate her pregnancy "feticide" and sentenced her for that act to twenty years incarceration in a Dickensian institution that is called a jail, and a second state judge judged that the only criminal act was "child neglect" and thus frees her after 3 rotten and wasted years of her life in such an institution. Justice in the US - I could call it "America" as many citizens of the US are want to do but I won't cloud the issue - justice in the US is dependent on the wealth, race, gender of the accused (although not in this case), and/or the whim of a judge. It strikes me as whimsical.


That will probably not happen. He's an uneducated non-Union clerk in a grocery store who's fallen for the Wall Street lie that Unions have caused all our problems. Ergo, no mental health care is covered with his Obamacare rip-off plan. It's tragic.


Yawn. Blink... Yawn.


A little recap of how actually this person "lost" their fetus would be nice. This is the first time I recall reading about this story.


good work!


He doesn't believe you, because he said, ""People" cannot become pregnant."


About 13% of pregnancies end by spontaneous abortion, called miscarriage. Before Roe V. Wade was
settled, millions of criminal abortions were performed annually before they became a legitimate procedure in the U.S. After it became legal there was no decrease in the number of abortions. There was, however,a tremendous increase in the safety of the procedure since it was performed by health
professionals. It is rare now for a woman to have a septic abortion and die. It wasn't before the laws were changed. That could change as women's health continues to be politicized and laws enable nonprofessionals to step in to perform them. Every year 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. This is a statistic that hasn't changed much. A certain number of those pregnancies, for many reasons, are
undesired. If you have assets it's not a problem if you don't believe you can continue the pregnancy. If
you have no assets it can be an enormous problem.


If classifying people according to their gender identity equates to culture death, then I'm not seeing how culture death is a bad thing.