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Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Campaign Finance Overhaul


Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Campaign Finance Overhaul

Marge Baker

On Tuesday the New York Times and CBS News released one of the most in-depth surveys in recent history on Americans’ views about money in elections. The results weren’t hard to interpret: across the board, Americans agree that money holds far too much sway and that sweeping changes are needed in our political system.


“Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Campaign Finance Overhaul”

Overwhelming Majority of Politicians Want Campaign Contributions Increased.


In addition to Wall Street, the following two other industries will never allow any meaningful reform:

  1. the multi billion dollar influence peddling industry that has been responsible for nearly all of the economic growth in the bustling Washington DC metropolitan area during the past 30 years, and
  2. the multi billion dollar corporate media industry (newspapers, radio, TV) that depend upon campaign advertising revenue for a significant portion of their revenue.


It will take more than an overhaul to fix this mess. It will take a complete dismantling and a start from scratch.
Funding should come only from “the real people” not corporations or unions. No organisations that can influence the candidates in any way, like American Legislative Exchange Council. campaign ads should be run free as a public service.


In Europe they have no TV attack adds and have only three weeks to campaign. Nor do they have PAC’s,
lobbyists, or think tanks. Their elections are a breath of fresh air compared to ours. Why do Americans have
to be so politically scummy?


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