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'Owes an Apology to Every Essential Worker': Pence Under Fire for Refusing to Wear Face Mask at Mayo Clinic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/29/owes-apology-every-essential-worker-pence-under-fire-refusing-wear-face-mask-mayo


Apology? Charges of criminal negligence would seem more appropriate. Did anyone ask this “christian” to cover his damn face?? Did anyone order him to get the fuck out of this hospital??


All right, get out the bleach. Oh, just being sarcastic.

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Helen, the more I think about it the more Trump and his enablers show themselves as SARS-3. It is as if history has taught us nothing. Reading stories of past plagues one can get the impression the intervening centuries never happened. Total, but now deliberate ignorance, an administration built not only on bigotry but charlatans.

A Visitation of the Plague, Daniel DeFoe, suggested by Aleph who has been on top of this pandemic and my own recommendation of Albert Camus’s, The Plague give us a sense of this crisis. This is only going to encourage Trump’s gullible supporters and prolong this crisis.

“[H]e is 'tested for the coronavirus on a regular basis, and everyone who is around me is tested for the coronavirus.”–meanwhile no nation wide testing for the rest of us and workers forced back to work?? No PPEs for those risking and losing their lives for us??


Pence the christian primitive is only slightly less cringe worthy than his boss. A magical thinker standing behind one who rarely thinks at all and when he does he filters it through his gut. This is the American tragedy.


Yeah Amurika! MAGA/KAG! 4% of the world’s population with 33% of the confirmed cases! Amurika is NUMBER ONE. USA USA USA!!!


What a tragically embarrassing and clueless human.


He’s “pro-life,” so he endangers others’ lives. What a paragon. Maybe he believes in post natal adult abortion.


God is protecting him. OH but if he comes down with it he’ll have a traumatic spiritual crisis of doubt-too bad.

I’m so disappointed in the Mayo Clinic for allowing this creep to flout their rules. They should have insisted he either wear a mask or leave.


During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, there was a theater owner in New York City who kept his theater open so that he could show a just-released movie. The place was packed. Then he boasted about what he had done to the press. Unfortunately, he died of the Spanish Flu before the papers came out.


We’re probably further along on the transition to understanding face-coverings, I think, than any other part of the country, here in the Bay Area. As with other practices, we started doing it slightly sooner out here. Ideally, people can grasp the principle of respecting others by cutting way back on any threat you might pose. It’s courtesy – maybe etiquette on steroids, because you just always have to bite your lip about shortcomings you see, but it’s a matter of life and death.

There are so many unexpected ramifications. A colleague works in an essential office with a deaf co-worker (who relies on lip-reading), so they had to find transparent masks. It finally dawned on me I don’t need to wear such a broadbrim hat, since shielding my nose from the sun was the whole point of the brim. After a half a week of hailing neighbors occasionally, you start to understand: they can’t tell if you’re smiling or not, they may not even be able to tell if you’re fish or fowl, male or female or somewhere in-between – let alone actually recognize you (your voice is also muffled) after having seen you every week for years. You need to announce yourself to old acquaintances, for God’s sake!

I hike around with a homemade bandana. If I get winded, I have to let the mask down when I get a chance for an oxygen-drink, then back up again when I see someone approaching. It all sucks, of course, but a bandana is 500% more comfortable (and less effective) than those N95 paper masks. I do what I can to make life easier on my fellow humans, rather than alarming them unnecessarily. We have enough alarms. We’re taking care of each other.

You get used to it, if you need to. Too bad high places in USA are perches for so many buttheads. You can’t fit a bandana over your butt.


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others… – George Orwell


Nothing illustrates the blind, smug, self-righteous clap trap of ‘I’m better than you so f#$! off’. It also infers that there is IN FACT a two-tiered hell-heaven being generated by these “people” who are being paid to make sure that the entire society drowns under the shit storm of manipulated “economic theory” that is so thoroughly corrupted that its enforcers are dismissing the propaganda and going straight for jugular of the society and the planet.

Stepping back and reading this administration and wall street - to me the headline is “Game Over”. Time to encourage second thoughts.


Exactly. AT least insist on this place being responsible to their own PATIENTS. CRAP. Utter nonsense.


Just as most CD readers have, AOC has known from the beginning that Pence is a theocrat with a cult following.

We recall what happened to cults in Guyana, Waco and other cult meltdown sites.

Congresswomen Jackie Speier took lead when she accompanied then Congressman Leo Ryan to Guyana, so she should be allying herself with AOC.


Yes, absolutely. There is no excuse for granting such an exception to ANYONE, and ESPECIALLY the so-called “vice president” (lower case sic). He is worthy of zero respect from anyone. While there is no reason to take him at his word, that he says he is free of disease is not the point. To grant him a special exception makes the Mayo Clinic and its staff look weak, while allowing the vice-asshole to behave like an asshole when he should be setting an example for the public.

As I have been saying, what I want to know is what clause in the Constitution allows a president to rule by decree on any topic and to any degree, sweeping aside decades of settled law. Why is such action not an impeachable “high crime?” Similarly, this breach of a deadly serious protocol STRENGTHENS the claims of the president and vice president that they are not bound by any rules.


Though Speier consistently ascends the rungs of Congressional prominence, it’s really hard to dislike such a modest, graceful woman – who can take a few bullets in stride, as necessary. Aaron Glantz asked her about all the SBA money going elsewhere, and she said she’d call for a CBO investigation. On the other hand, is Congress even there, in any sense? Will they be, at some point? I can’t tell.

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The world needs tests. The world screamed for masks, and then some people got wise and started making their own. Washable.
Manufacturing needs to become more dynamic. What, bring the jobs back home but can’t make our own stuff? Turn guns not into butter, into tests.


Hi Ray. I personally do not equate Jonestown and Waco - the manufactured FBI publicity stunt and aggression at Waco was the cause and new Ag Janet Reno stupid, manipulated, and ultimately criminal - Koresh could have been arrested easily as he reportedly went into town often - add Ruby Ridge to FBI murders - FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot/killed woman and child when no threat existed; both domestic incidents were FBI war-games, Reno was not yet AG when RR took place.
Jonestown, Guyana, was a true cult & mass suicide - drinking the Kool-Aid - the two examples you cited are really quite different.