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'Owes an Apology to Every Essential Worker': Pence Under Fire for Refusing to Wear Face Mask at Mayo Clinic

Mayo clinic did the right thing in not engaging the crazies. They dont need more protesters, a threat of no more ppe for you!. I read a story of " Man planning to bomb Missouri hospital killed, FBI says" a few weeks back. These are not normal times. Appease the ᵍreat leader.

Luke 10:25-37

He pulled a Boris Johnson. A test won’t stop him from covid. Might see him in ICU soon.


i’m praying for him… to get it.

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In some countries, if someone dies due to you not wearing a mask, you can be prosecuted for homicide.

Well, I am hoping so. And also that he passes it to Trump and Mitch McConnel first

If I was inclined to subscribe to “conspiracy theories” I would be thinking this was manufactured and deliberately let loose just due to it affecting Black people at higher rates than whites. There are definitely folks on the Trump side who would be happy about such a thing, even if they were also at risk.

Ha! Thanks! I remember some of those! Sorry for late response, Scott. I’ve been tilting at other windmills. Tired of CD. I don’t understand why they don’t punch harder, and I sure as hell don’t understand or appreciate the refusal to allow links; I didn’t get any response to my letters to the editor.
I cannot stomach the pussyfooting by everyone from Birx to Biden, thru all MSM to governors around or about Dump and his vile Cabal.

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Ha! I had forgotten this whole discussion; glad I hadn’t deleted it. Yes, all of that. I have backed away from CD and other similar web sites, especially the forums, for just those reasons.

Last night an interest group of which I’m a member viewed a documentary on Frances Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor, who was the first female cabinet member and the force behind most of the great advances of the New Deal, some of them over FDR’s objection. His role was the all-important rallying of the troops (civilian AND military) through his brilliant oratory.

Starting a revolution is scary enough to begin with, and doing so under our current constraints–different from those of 1933 but no less challenging–is all the more so. I have the first few paragraphs of FDR’s First Inaugural address on my computer, with a link to the entire speech, brief by modern standards:


That’s the source of “nothing to fear but fear itself,” but that is not even the whole quote. He goes on to recognize the important role of fear and specify that the fear we SHOULD fear is that “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

The chance that we will have a person of his stature, steadiness, and persuasiveness is zilch. (I can’t quite imagine a President Howie Hawkins.) But we have other leaders who can and do influence events from the sidelines. McKibben comes to mind. Others? Atul Gawande is literate and knowledgeable, also empathetic and humane.

I think we are approaching a tipping point, with the “essential workers” who are perhaps getting screwed worse than anybody (forced to work for peanuts in deadly environments), may rebel. Where that might lead no one can say, but it could help to break the stagnation. What might we do to help potential leaders develop better megaphones?

Good post, Scott. There ARE some good people out there, but there’s no glue. And the evil wealthy despots, in actuality merely-constrained-for-now Nazis, seem to be gaining…I blame the mainstream media because of their cowardice…no solid investigative reporting and no full exposés. Forget informing the public about how to use their power!

Perkins was an extraordinary human being! Too bad we don’t have any like her today. Not even Stacey Abrams whom I do like and respect.

I dunno. Tired. Rambling…

Thanks Toni. Your sane and thoughtful remarks are always appreciated. I think your point about good people but no glue is pretty close to the mark. I wouldn’t say so on this often cynical website if not for the fact that no one else seems to be paying attention, but I am coming to believe that humankind is not going to get through this bottleneck without a major breakdown of some sort. It’s not that I’m discouraged; I have as much courage as I ever had. Well, almost–too old not to pick my battles cautiously. But I think I’m going to have to redirect what I’ve got from trying to help prevent a breakdown to trying to get through it with as little damage as possible all around. But at the same time, we can and should watch carefully for the opportunities that the chaos opens up.


Scott, for us oldsters, it’s probably not a matter of courage. We were in the streets and showed courage when and where it was needed. Our bodies and maybe finances might be constraints today. Minimizing the damage wrought and still outstanding? How? Besides by not being complacent?

I think you’re correct, unfortunately, about our chances of coming through all this…pandemic, fascism, shredding our Constitution, worldwide spread of fascism, climate horrors, immigrant and refugee HORRORS, worldwide disparities in access to money, on and on. Watching Democracy Now! everyday is as informative and depressing as it comes. Only a shrewd patriot can help us here now, and I see no hero on the horizon…none. Nor in any other fascist stronghold like Brazil.

Hi Toni. I was thinking of “courage” in a more existential sense, in contrast to despair, Kierkegaard’s “Sickness unto death.” And yes, by not being complacent and by repeating Reinhold Niebuhr’s “Serenity Prayer” several times each day, even those of us who do not acknowledge a Supreme Being." But in addition to Kierkegaard and that very compact little prayer (that Niebuhr almost ruined by reworking several times instead of leaving it as it was), my touchstones have always tilted toward the mystical (Martin Buber’s I and Thou) and toward Buddhist thought, although I do not have any formal practice.

I swore off prognostication almost completely several years ago, as complex systems (as opposed to the neat, clean systems of Newton’s physics) are inherently unpredictable. Yes, my background is lopsided toward the STEM fields. And while I do what I can to avoid aggravating global warming and maybe occasionally participate in a critical “action,” that and fascism are definitely beyond my control and worrying about them accomplishes nothing but to sow despair.

I was told decades ago that for one of the Band Aid concerts of the late 80s Willie Nelson wore a T-shirt that read, “Life is a bitch. Then you die. Have a nice day.” Don’t ignore that punch line–basic Buddhism!

Lol, Scott! You’re more highly evolved than I am! Furthermore, your memory is working great! I’ve forgotten everything I ever learned about those philosophers.

Lol indeed! They attracted my attention when I was in my late teens because they seemed to make sense out of a lot of what seemed to me to be contradictions peddled by sources I had trusted. When I stumbled into economics years later that experience may have helped me recognize their Kool Aid for what it is, a toxic brew of BS and bile!

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