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Owning Our Shit: The US Role in Global Migration

Owning Our Shit: The US Role in Global Migration

Cynthia Kaufman
The US has a moral obligation to admit people from countries where we are part of the reason people needed to leave home.
U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger meets with General Augusto Pinochet in 1976
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Excellent framework for understanding the role Trump plays. NONE OF THIS STARTED WITH TRUMP. Any effective “resistance” to Trump will recognize the generations-deep roots of the ugly role the USA plays on the world stage, and will not sell fairy-tales of some “return to normal” if we just dump Trump.


Unfortunately, for what I can tell from the various comedic ‘streeters’ asking regular people questions (sometimes even profs at Harvard), Americans only study 'Mercan history very, very, superficially and, it seems, by watching advertising on TV.

In the 'States, lack of general curiosity is a prized trait.


The arch of mechanical, electrical and construction progress has been directly proportional to the scale of desecration of the planet, through the hunger for energy.

While not at war, countries kept from participating in “technological advancement” that depended on fuels that take from the planet in irreversible methods, were quick to adopt the technical props to life while giving no thought to the destruction that they had joined in. Images that were provided to these countries through the reels further egged on willing minds to migrate to the west, and provide their mental acumen to accelerate us down this path to hell.

Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson were some of the richest people alive, and the media convinced the planet that with your creative talents you could overcome your previous definition, especially in America. The rest of the Gary Indiana was not in front of the camera unless it was the statistic of violence. Anyone with a small flame of creativity burned to come to America to make it.

Some of us that brought along their propensity for truth could not step past what and who they saw around them.

I had run from the corruption in my home country, where I went to school with those who are now billionaires. The concrete jungles they have created out of garden cities are already becoming havens for disease.

Many more of us need to be looking at each other as who we are. NOT look at each through the barrell of gun or as instruments of our own profit.


After careful consideration, I now realize that what I really wanted to say was: “Americans only study 'Mercan history very, very, superficially and, it seems, by watching old reruns of Friends.”

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Conservatives are certainly guilty of causing the wars, persecution, exploitation and poverty that lead to immigration here.

But should we call the overflow of people from devastated, overpopulated countries and their enormous wealth disparity “racism”? Don’t we love our RICH black and brown actors, actresses, tv personalities, sport figures, musicians and scientists?

Racism, like sexism, homophobia and other prejudices seems to stem from wealth disparity and perceived overpopulation. I venture to guess that most women on # me too were not filthy rich when abused. And most of us hate to get stuck in ever more traffic.

Blaming racism alone for global migration lets overpopulation and wealth disparity, the roots of the problem, off the hook.

Direct Democracy


To the extent that Trump and the Republicans want to limit immigration to Norwegians, it’s perfectly understandable to view the issue through the lens of racism. People of color tend to vote D–deporting 700,000 Dreamers will eliminate a pool of 700,000 D-Party voters.

It’s that simple.

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Geeze I cannot use the word great any longer since Trump hijacked that word just as republicons hijacked the world conservative. A good recap of our military doing the dirty work for multinational corporations around the world for the interest of 1% and punishing nations that were trying to work in the interest of their people.

Disaster capitalism hit the world over the last 40 years and has been our legacy since 9/ll and I don’t know the real percentage of the “least among us” who are called lazy, druggies, takers, womanizers, boozers, going to movies. These people do not have a great life and this country does not take care of their own let alone immigrants.

Why do these people still want to come to this country? “Empire” when we are turning into a 3rd world nation. Yes, because we are at war with the world for all the resources that are available and our military will destroy anyone that gets in their way which is happening in our National Parks, pristine lands and waters. This is not our land from shining seas, it is the land to be raped and pillage for profits - just like wars.

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Trump should be afraid of what he wishes for. Comig from a true social democracy, Norwegians emigrating to the US would probably find our Brand D too far to the right.

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Good point, but not that simple. What people see as racism are often class prejudices. Filthy rich people of color don’t seem to have that problem.

Some years back I was a parent of a graduating Harvard MBA student. One of the activities on graduation day was to attend a class with our son in it. What an eye opener. The topic was how, as a particular foreign oil company, to run the country of Saudi Arabia. The back of the room was filled with parents and the front with students prepared for their demo class. I was in shock the whole time, and only with great restraint was able to hold onto my seat. It was just like British East India all over again, except their was only one product being modeled to propel the country–oil. What were they guided to discuss? How to control the labor, the resource, the payments, the education, all, all for the benefit of the company. The class was a lively amalgam of students from all over the world, including some from the Middle East, and they were prepared for the discussion, as led by the professor.
Most interesting and shocking to me was that no one, no one, questioned the model, the method, the ethics concerns of a company making decisions for a country instead of its people… This was at least a decade after the MBA school had released quite a bit about the need for ethics on their curriculum. At this point I don’t think the US elite really thinks about ethics anymore. Me, for my part, I was not on solid ground, was there for a ceremony, unprepared, and just in shock.

Interesting, Helen. As my nieces and nephews begin to look ahead to applying for university, too many of them are choosing a Business / Commerce major. Breaks my heart to know that the capitalist indoctrination that their high schools used was so thorough.