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Oxfam Has Made Refugees Welcome... at Trump's Childhood Home


Oxfam Has Made Refugees Welcome... at Trump's Childhood Home

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

When can an Airbnb rental make a commentary about the U.S. president's anti-refugee rhetoric and actions and implore world leaders to do more to address the unprecedented crisis?

When the property is President Donald Trump's boyhood home in Queens, New York, and Oxfam is using it to spotlight the journeys four refugees from Syria, Somalia, and Vietnam have faced.


Good for Oxfam! It could only be better if they’d filled the 19 beds with refugees actually newly arrived. The owner (NPR quoting NYTimes says an LLC, but “I live there,” putting one bedroom off limits) clearly invested the $2M+ to open it as a sleep-in shrine. But look at the video: At least one of the rooms is fitted with awful steel bunk beds, not ‘the opulence reflecting how the T…s would have lived’ (also from the NPR story, apparently quoting the AirBnB listing); others are apparently decorated with djtiana. They didn’t ask the former refugees to pose with the cardboard djt said to be in the living room. Is this house the Billy Beer of this administration?


And the halls, closets, and corners ooze other-worldly beasts at sundown that crawl back to the nether world at sun up.


Actually, rereading my post, I realized that the administration is all Billy Beer.