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Oxfam Report Details 'Catastrophic Failure' of Efforts to Coordinate Global Ceasefire During Covid-19 Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/13/oxfam-report-details-catastrophic-failure-efforts-coordinate-global-ceasefire-during

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" $1.8 trillion military spending in 2018".
That quote from the article should be able to tell you why peace has never had a chance and will never have a chance in the future.
What Orwell wrote in 1948 " that war is peace" is exactly what Amerika is and has been ever since George penned those prescient lines.


This reminds me of the desperate attempts to agitate for peace before World War I.

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…for which Eugene Victor Debs, among others, was thrown in jail.


It’s not just that the Empire is being financially drained by the weapons makers, that’s bad enough, but on top of that draining, the weapons produced are subpar compared to like weapons from other countries. Check out the Rand corporation’s assessment of these weapons in the piece linked below, as well as other comments in the story about the state of the US military today.


Is this a feature, to prolong US involvement in wars, or a bug of incompetence and greed?