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P Is For Palestine


P Is For Palestine

While the U.N. resolution against Israeli settlements triggered the usual bellicose lunacy - as Netanyahu huffed "We do not turn the other cheek" - it also represents "a breath of hope in a sea of darkness" for those still quietly working for a better way. They range from the authors of a new "Palestine Children’s ABC Book" to protesting Santas to thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women coming together for a March of Hope to show the world "what we can be when we join together for peace."


Occasionally, I see a ray of light cutting through the smoke, fog and darkness of war and greed and insanity.
* These brave and wonderful women are like a supernova!
* May their light and love dispel that darkness forever.
* Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my prayers and hope marches with you.


May this not be a one time thing nor something that only happens there. We all need to be making a 'joyful noise' in unity wherever we are. Glee Clubs for Peace!




Thank you CD, for posting this. Courageous people.




What's most likely is that our species will go extinct before the Zionist fascists who control Israel will become reasonable people.


Kudos to the ladies for demonstrating sanity, wisdom and compassion in a time of socialized madness.
You go girls!!!!