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Pack Your Bags: Human Have Just 100 Years to Get Off Earth to Survive, Says Stephen Hawking


Pack Your Bags: Human Have Just 100 Years to Get Off Earth to Survive, Says Stephen Hawking

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

If the human species is to avert extinction, it's got just 100 years to leave Earth and colonize a new planet.

That's according to noted theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who makes the prediction in the upcoming BBC series "Expedition New Earth," set to air later this year as part of its reignited Tomorrow's World programming.


"with climate change, overdue asteroid strikes, epidemics, and population growth, our own planet is increasingly precarious"

Professor Hawking is not counting on the Singularity, when Artificial Intelligence takes over, in this article at least. YouTube TED talks tell us that AI will learn as much in one day what took humans forty thousand years to learn. How much will AI will learn in one year? It should learn to avoid these problems if it cares for diverse life; if it decides that life is somehow important.

In fact, I think he does consider AI in other articles, but concludes the outcome will not be favorable for humans. AI will have all the science online at hand, a "Universal Mind" if you will, perhaps be "GOD" who may replicate life.

I won't speculate if humans could be useful to AI, or if we will become a part of it. But I'm not sure that we will become alien or undesirable to AI as Hawking seems to think, and destroy us.


Um? Well my bags are packed already but the flight offworld is a bit delayed!

Think we can do another hundred? The answer to that is how bad things have gotten in 50! If we do not control ourselves, the climate will be so catastrophic that we may not be capable of so gargantuan an effort as to move to a better neighborhood. Worse if things have gone haywire ( massive storms, sea level rise chaos, declining crop yields, horrendous killer heat and rampant overpopulation) and it causes war upon war everywhere (over resources?) then we might not even be able to seed even a small population somewhere simply to save the species either. 'Teleportion or bust' I guess.

Well I'm ready whenever ... just let me get my toothbrush cause I'm outta here on the first flight available!

Good luck kiddies!


I've heard this before and respectfully disagree with Hawking.

Certainly the species can get itself off the earth-- that's demonstrated. However, our species requires extraordinarily diverse levels of known botanical and biological (and microbes, yes) support systems-- apart from those unknown-- for survival.

I don't care how good your AI is. The cargo manifest ain't that big.


ME TOO!!   (Or, to be somewhat more grammatically correct, so do I.)

Whether or not a sufficiently large number of humans are able to migrate to another unfortunate planet to col­onize and ultimately pillage and pollute it as they have this one, I seriously doubt that there is enough energy available to enable more than a very, very tiny fraction of humanity to escape the earth's gravity and the gravity of the fate we are preparing for ourselves here.  There are already more than seven billion of us, and it's been predicted that there will be more than ten billion – perhaps twelve billion – by 2100 (if humanity survives that long).  How will the few hundred, if that many, lucky escapees be chosen?   (And if it's more than a few hund­red, they'd better all leave at once – anyone left behind is almost certain to be incinerated by the exhausts of
the departing vehicles, even if they burn pure hydrogen & oxygen and produce only superheated steam . . . )


Oh, well, that's nice, Hawkings..
After the humans have destroyed the planet, and the beautiful biodiversity that was upon it,
as long as THEY get off and colonlize some other poor planet somewhere, that's ok...
What makes you think they won't destroy that one, as well?
What makes you think they won't continue to kill each other on that planet?
I thought about it...
if say, humans colonized Mars or some other planet where you needed oxygen piped in..
what makes you think some nutjob or nutjobs won't take power or try to take power
and basically threaten the rest of the humans to surrender or obey...
or else the oxygen supply will be cut off?
and where would the oxygen supply come from? you would have to grow a hell of a lot of
trees and other fauna....
how do you know they would be able to grow on another planet?
that's just some doubts I have...
but the main one, as most human centric scientists are, seems to be
well, you destroyed life on this planet, and basically destoyed this planet...but, hey:
no problem,
as long as the ecocide humans survive that's all that matters...why?
if extinction seems alright for other species, why not humans?
and Hawkings, you're the genius, ....
I have read this universe is expanding more and more rapidly and will
eventually rip apart:
that means human extinction...what will be left is nothingness: a void.
so there you go....


Humanity has the ability to make he earth habitable for a few 1,000 more years, we just aren't going to do it.


It's far more likely that we humans have just a few YEARS left before we go extinct; why expect Hawking to have an informed opinion on this?! The idea of populating another planet is simply insane!


Save the Progressives <<< protest sign carried at the end of the universe!

Contemplating entropy or not, humans have got a bad rap! Somehow we are expected to be saintly and altruistic but we have been evolved to be neither. I like to compare us to ants which will attack and consume their neighbors to the point of complete extermination. Then again a Great White Shark seems friendly and helpful - a role model! Great Whites are always among the first responders when you are having difficulty in the water. Humans do such terrible things (usually to each other) and that is beyond dispute. However humans are capable of such incredible self sacrifice for the sake of another and many will even laugh at a stand up comedian's jokes even if they aren't all that funny!

Humans pollute and humans also try to stop others from polluting. Typical humans! We want to have it both ways ...and often do!


Good for you. I, too, am tired of emphasizing us humans because we are so great. Well, the truth is we are not. I mourn every nonhuman animal who suffers or dies because of us humans. Nonhumans should never exist for us. We do not deserve it.


Everyone reading this is going to be dead by then due to aging, even if all wars, diseases, asteroids etc. are avoided. What do we need a spaceship for?!? We need a cure for aging.


Just take your place on the Great Mandella.

We're done.


First you use robots to construct a gigantic cylinder many miles long out in space using material mined from asteroids. This may take a few days! Then you add soil and water and seed both with those nifty keno microbes and various dinner items like plankton (to produce oxygen). Convince about ten thousand adventurous souls that there are great job opportunities way out there. Avoid mentioning the centuries of below the speed of light space travel and send it on its merry way just to see what happens!

It's possible, a great example of the process is Arthur C. Clarke's 'Rendezvous with Rama'. You can see artists' depictions of the cylinders on YouTube and by Googling.


We are not done! Maybe soon to be a little sautéed but not done! We make a mess and after suffering through it looking to find an easy way out of it, we get serious and eventually solve the problem (everything except why there is nothing on cable)!

If we can avoid having greed blinded Repubs get in office, we might make it! We went to the moon way before we had the technology to do it properly. Now we just can't afford to go there but hey we did do it!

These Repubs are anti-humanity creeps and a problem for our species being able to solve our problems!!!

Repubs are killing us. I wish it wasn't true!


We wouldn't need to get everyone off the planet. That isn't the goal. The goal is to get enough reproductively fit people off planet that can settle somewhere else and survive to rebuild and populate another planet. There will never be the ability to get any more than a few thousand off the world to another planet.
The people left on earth will be left to die as the ecosystems fail. But with a few thousand people, humanity can survive elsewhere. The magical number for a genetically diverse enough population is about a thousand. Having a few thousand more would increase the chances that humans wouldn't die due to genetic problems in the generations to come. There needs to be a sufficient number to insure that inbreeding doesn't occur and doom the colony.


We haven't yet solved the problems of being able to build such a ship yet. It is far more complex to set up an environment aboard a ship that will survive hundreds of years. We haven't even solved the problems of humans surviving to got to Mars, a mere two year journey at most.
It is not an insurmountable problem to be able to do it, just that it would take time and money to solve how you keep the water and air filtered enough, how to keep either from leaking into space. Water is used to make oxygen on the station, but water has to be shipped to the station to replace what is use.
When we finally lick the problem of growing plants onboard, then we will be on our way to be able to travel away from earth.


Yes, we have to start leaving as soon as possible.

Obviously, only the most well off will be able to finance such an escape, but if the top 5 or 10 percent can all leave the planet headed for a new unknown home as soon as possible, perhaps the riches they will have to leave behind can be used to benefit all those remaining on Earth for as long as necessary. At least we'd finally be rid of Trumph and his gang of thieves in the White House when his ship lifts off, hopefully never to return. We'll have to all pitch in to make sure the deserving and wealthy don't miss their flight.


Get real. How many can go? Who would go?
There is nothing clean about our space program.Money on space programs is better by far spent on clean energy and cleaning the earth.What would happen in these new places, anyway? Look how quick the few people in space have cluttered and polluted our outer layers of atmosphere.
Please, CD, leave Mr. Hawkins to yahoo.com along with the Karashians, who just got divorced or pregnant, and basketball.


All animals live by killing and/or stealing ... you're on the amoral, but winning team.


How funny. The Bilderbergs and the Black and brown people to serve them..... Izat enough genetic diversity?