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'Packed Churches All Over Our Country—I Think It Will Be Beautiful,' Declares Trump Despite Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/packed-churches-all-over-our-country-i-think-it-will-be-beautiful-declares-trump


So, The Donald is playing at being a devout church goer. something he never was before. There will be no end to this until the Secret Service has to yank him, kicking and screaming, from the White House, in January of 2021. That is, unless he tries to suspend the election.


I thought he loved the poorly educated. So why is he trying to get them killed?


“At this point you have to wonder if he wants people to die.”

Reverse that and ask THAT question again.


W hat, will this be t-rumps’ idea of Government religion forced upon Americans!?


[H]e thinks it would be “beautiful” to see the nation’s churches packed for Easter Sunday less than three weeks from now—the latest in a series of troubling statements that betray the dire warnings from public health experts and frontline medical workers.

Well, maybe he thinks they will all be resurrected in unison? Or maybe his delusions will cure SARS 2 a.k.a. COVID-19?


Because Pence told Trump the Rapture is coming?


I fail to understand exactly HOW having people go outside and back to work while this deadly Corona Virus could still infect people, making them sick and potentially killing them would be beneficial to The United States of America!!?? A good strong economy will be worthless if more and more citizens -DIE- from this Corona Virus!! I’ve heard that in just one state alone the Apex might be reached in two-three weeks. And that’s only a guesstimate! I don’t think/feel anybody should be going back to work just yet! I’m doing so Americans would take a chance in catching the deadly virus! I think everyone should be staying at home, "Self-Isolating/self-quarantining! For some time still! :tshirt:RUMP is NOT a Physician or a scientist!!


The 1918 flu pandemic subsided during summer 1918 and re-emerged with a vengence during autumn and into 1919.


I would wish that all these phony religious zealots burn in Hell, but if there is one, that’s already a forgone conclusion.
Wishing old people dead so you can make more money. Just when you think they can’t get any lower, they go and find a shovel and start digging…


Hi pd1648;

Actually , Trump only loves the poorly educated when they send money. I also wonder if the White House will have an Easter Egg Roll this year? Since those under 18 are now getting Covid19 too------maybe Trump wants the disease to cover ALL THE PEOPLE. After all, if Gilead is the only one with an approved drug----imagine how much Trump will benefit—you know , campaign contributions and all : (


Yes, but he’s also either undeniably dumb as a toad or fully complicit in a deep state population reduction experiment. - Correction: or he’s both.


The first leader of the american colonies was King George III. He was insane. Today we have King Donald I and he is insane also. We got rid of King George III. Now we must get rid of King Donald I.


And maybe Birx told him that as well.

I have a visceral reaction to that woman, she literally turns my stomach. As I posted earlier today, all those that stand with trump/pence during those “briefings” are enablers of this . . . ??? . . … I don’t even know what to call what is unfolding in the u.s. anymore!

So I did some research on who she is which explains my intense (agnostic on good days, atheist on bad days )reaction:



Redfield and Birx are both evangelical Christians who have been associated with HIV research for many years, going back to the 1980s. Birx runs PEPFAR, George W. Bush’s global AIDS initiative, and both she and Redfield have been involved with Children’s AIDS Fund International, which lobbies for abstinence-only sex education around the world.

The Washington Post reported back in 2018 that they belong to a network run by an important power broker in the evangelical world:


Easter is special to him because, because of the Easter Parade and Peeps.


Oh yeah, pack all those believers in invisible Sky Father into the tax-exempt opiate of the masses business buildings so their flock leaders can pump 'em for more donations to defeat the evillll sinners.
Shill for religion, Donny Fuhrer, you corrupt f’ing hypocrite. Jesus was talking about you when he said “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
If there was really an everlasting lake of fire that sinners are cast into, your fat orange ass would be sizzling for eternity, Trump.
If there really was such a thing as demonic possession, you’d be someone to burn at the stake for it, Trumpy.


The worse nightmare is 4 more years. A lull in the virus and the faithful will be building
Trump temples. All hail the savior!


Praise ye Trump, the holy chosen one of God, and let the mighty eagle soar.


Never underestimate the deprave lows humans can fall into.


If Spicey can still fit into the Bunny suit let’s go ahead and bring the egg roll back to life so the kiddies can take their crown (corona) prizes for their grandparents to adore! I heard he was in the neighborhood recently as a “reporter”. Dead Eyes can wear her “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” ceremonial gown for the occasion. No one knows Easter better than Trump.