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'Paddle in Seattle' Protesters Welcome Shell Drilling Rig with Two Words: Go Away


'Paddle in Seattle' Protesters Welcome Shell Drilling Rig with Two Words: Go Away

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Paddling activists rolled out the un-welcome mat as Shell Oil's hulking 'Polar Pioneer' drilling rig—whose presence is opposed by many local citizens, environmentalists, and city officials—pulled into the Port of Seattle on Thursday afternoon.


People in the PNW
Please stay interconnected and communicative.
The corruption from Americas dingleberry has already begun look for Texas license plates in your church parking lots


They’ll be very sorry if they showed up in my church. The buck stops here!
I wish it was possible for we the protesters to bring the 20 or so dead whales that recently beached themselves off the shores of Chile and place them in front of those sHell drilling rigs.


Roaches and rats, expected to survive after mankind kills itself off, have organized a counter-protest, saying there’s no reason to put off the inevitable.


It is not only Shell that is desecrating the environment in the Northwest and Alaska. The Navy is conducting electromagnetic war games over the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park - turning the area into a noise filled hell by flying Growler Jet over the forest and communities of the Olympic Peninsula. They have done no EiS that is required by law. They tried to sneak these war games into our National Park without anyone knowing. I now hear jet noise all the time over Port Townsend. Our peace and quiet is gone. Shame on the Navy and the Forest Service that allowed this desecration. It’s like people don’t count and have no say in our lives.


Accolades to these people, in Seattle that are trying their best to save our planet.

The fossil fuel industry is a fossil dinosaur that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs; otherwise, the people on this planet will go the way of the dinosaurs!


Thank you Seattle! While the kayak protest might appear to have only a small impact to some people, it is actually a very important part of raising awareness. Drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean is certainly a highly threatening prospect for that environment and all the organisms that live there. Just say sHell no!


The inherent limit of globalization is the cost/impact of long-distance travel and transport. The global economy disempowers lesser economies of scale - nation, state, regional, local. Minimal global trade builds the lesser economies whose distances between producer and consumer are likewise minimal. Globalization today is the equivalent of pre-20th Century wage-slave plantation economies. We are on the cusp of a revolution against polluters, slave masters and minnions.


Well, basically, yes. Coalitions here in the PNW are actively organizing against coal trains, against oil trains, against new export ports, against arctic drilling, for mass transit, for non-carbon energy production, etc.

“… it is alright to kill the Gulf of Mexico and many other places so [I] can have [my] Gore-tex outdoor gear and Subaru station wagon with rack for his and hers plastic kayaks, just don’t touch the places I like and I’ve decided I own.”

By arguing from your caricature, you disable your argument. No Matt, that is not what any of these people are saying. Many of these people, you may be shocked, do not own an automobile, or anything Gore-Tex.

But if you seriously propose that one cannot protest against fossil fuels before and until one manages to perfectly extricate oneself from the tentacles of the fossil-fueled economy, you are being absurd. This is where we live, and to get from here to there, we start here.


Actually it was about 50 kayakers in at least 35 boats, (some were doubles), and a cedar canoe from the Duwamish Nation. I was one of them. The rig was towed in about 3pm, so most people were at work. Tomorrow Seattle will say sHell No! to the world.


Though I do note from the photo that several of those plastic kayaks were from REI, and we all should know by now who gave the final go to Shell.

It truly is hard to live in a way that gives minimum comfort and profit to the likes of Sally Jewell and her corporate sponsors. I hope at the next protest they at least put some cross-marks on the REI brands as a symbol of protest against the manipulation of the environmental movement to get that evil person and her boss into office.


OK i’ll be picky:

“… bearing a banner that read, “Arctic Drilling = Climate Change.””

No, you can see the banner in the photo above, and it reads, “Arctic Drilling = Climate Chaos.”

Which is my preferred phraseology!


Thanks 12345