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Pages Said to Detail Saudi Arabia's Involvement in 9/11 to be Made Public


Pages Said to Detail Saudi Arabia's Involvement in 9/11 to be Made Public

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Confidential and deeply controversial documents said to reveal the support network behind the 9/11 hijackers may soon be made public, according to the Obama administration's head of national intelligence.

James Clapper, who is charged with overseeing the declassification, reportedly said that it is a "realistic goal" that the 28-page section of the 9/11 Commission Report would be available as early as June.


What? Not everything is known about 9/11?

Damn truthers.


Maybe these 28 pages will explain how WTC7 failed, the third building which which was not hit by an airplane but still mysteriously collapsed on 9/11/2001. The 9/11 Omission Report does not even mention this third building and its collapse.

Or maybe Nixon's eighteen and a half minute missing tape will explain it all.

I guess it will take until June for Mr. Clapper to re-type the pages into something totally innocuous.


Some editing is necessary, have to protect the public (keep them ignorant and in fear).


Before the World Trade Center dust had settled, and when all the US plains were still grounded, the Bush administration flew out of the country a large group of Saudi Arabian officials. Some were members of the Bin Laden family. Why would Bush do this? Wouldn't you think that they would want to question them first. Could it be that Bush didn't want them to be questioned.

I believe that those who are against allowing law suits to proceed are concerned about people being called to testify under oath about 9/11. Things could come out indicating that it was an inside job. Everyone with half a brain knows that it was an inside job, but they could start naming names, and a big turd could hit the fan.


Thanks for getting it.


Well, I assume that we have each independently ruled out a sudden Dostoyevskian confessional impulse--praise be to Allah or moolah, depending.

Of course Clapper does not need until June to redact 28 pages, and of course 28 pages is far from the total of any information that 17 agencies of undercover bogeys have produced about what had to be in some sense an inside job. He has to be checking with his people, granting time for removals and deals--and the fact that this is announced in public makes it real to people up and down supply and command chains, and the fact that the redaction is not announced in detail in public means that it is under negotiation. They did not believe it before.

That leaves some questions.

In the category of Answers, let's register that the Family Saud, hobbers and nobbers with the Family Bush, has been announced to have made substantial threats against such release. That is a major confession.

This is a strange play in a year or so of very strange plays. I won't pretend to know what's up, but something under the boat is rocking hard. The grand plan up until now has been a barrage of Disney Aesop in which every moral is "Go shopping." We don't need to pretend that we shall get "the truth," but a US|Saudi rift changes propaganda strategy for big players in ways that suggest high stakes.

And, speaking of high stakes, we have a war in Syria with Americans and Russians firing on the same battlefield and CIA-Saudi-funded factions shooting at one another, apparently on purpose. And now there is at least an advertised rift between US spooks and Saudis. Are the Saudis being punished for refusing to walk in front of one or another cannon? Is the Democratic Finance Mob making a play against the Republican Oil Mob--as though the affiliations where to be anywhere near that simple?

At the same time, we have a US election in which major Republican factions have come out against the leading Republican candidate. Trump's an ass, of course, but when has that triggered a Republican reaction before? And we have Joe Biden apparently trying to cozy up to Bernie Sanders. Whatever that is, it's not ideological admiration.

A prominent feature of sliding banana republics has always been turf wars between mafia factions in government, counting CIA black ops and similar hoodoos as a subtype of organized crime. It may be a regular or even inevitable feature of false democracies under neoliberal rule. It has climbed right up from South and Central America into Mexico in a big way, far bigger than the news we get of it in the US. A healthy capital growth picture for those businesses would suggest that squeezing the US tighter is next, and of course the penetration was already accomplished long in advance: after all, the US is where the biggest bogeys have come from since Germany and England hammered each other half to toothpicks.

There are just motivations for not fouling one's own nest too drastically. But here it looks like someone is willing to put up with a good deal more fouling than has been the habit.

Any idea what gives here? Anyone?


What about the drone enthusiasts the Israelis, the US top government officials and the Pakistani military intelligence's direct involvement?


They US administration and all branches of the government are at the service of the 1%. Obama was given his marching orders immediately after taking office and on top of the list is keeping the weapons makers factories humming. The 1% wealthy have no concern about American lives or anyone else's lives. If you are weak and defenseless nation with resources or potential resources you are fair game, the machine must keep on chugging along wasting lives and American taxpayer's money, past present and future.


Let's not assume that killery as president, she will never get my vote, if not Sanders my vote will go to Gill Stein.


Good article, Ms. McCauley -- but do you not know that former Sen. Bob Graham from Florida is a Democrat?


9/11 was a false flag operation.


The U.S. Government maintains Secret documents from the Civil War, Lincoln's Assassination and untold other events. Classification wise, Confidential status is the lowest of ratings of material. If the 9/11 Commission report 28 page section is indeed Confidential, who of our elected and civil service employees have access to this knowledge? It is difficult to believe the 9/11 Commission being what is was, would even hint that there was information considered Secret in their report.


Truth to be released by US govt?????LOL.https://youtu.be/H9UE5KStL6o


True! And of course any information that would implicate who the real people were that orchestrated 9/11 ( like maybe Dim Son and Cheney) will be redacted for national security reasons!

If anyone on this thread believes Clapper will divulge any pertinent information, please contact me because I have several things I would like to sell you!


I believe this is where it is all starting to make sense once the FBI was given the order to NOT investigate the leaks that the attack was going to happen. Why not look into the Saudi connection? There are probably a trillion reasons but one of them in my estimation was that they were in all likelihood working WITH them.


I agree with you that this is just the latest psyops and nothing but a red herring to keep from looking in the right place for the people culpable for this most heinous crime that murdered, in cold blood, 3,000 citizens for nefarious reasons.

Cui bono? Not the Saudis. Looks to me like the Israeli's and the MIC benefited the most from 9/11!


Just like Allen Dulles heading up the Warren Commission investigation of JFK'S assainaination! Not actually, or it would have been called the Dulles'commission! He was #2, no pun intended, and was the CIA "handler" on the commission.