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'Paging Senator Collins—This Is on You': Efforts to Oust Maine Republican Intensify After Kavanaugh's Anti-Abortion Vote


'Paging Senator Collins—This Is on You': Efforts to Oust Maine Republican Intensify After Kavanaugh's Anti-Abortion Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Justice Brett Kavanaugh was condemned on Thursday for declaring "war" on Roe v. Wade by dissenting against the Supreme Court's decision to block a Louisiana anti-abortion law, reproductive rights groups quickly turned their ire toward Sen.


Collins is a goddamn disgrace for her actions vis a vis kavanaugh (and other rot)! She is a willing tool of right-wing extremism that is an existential threat to our republic and the rule of law, beginning with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights! The investigation into kavanaugh’s sexual assaults and behaviors and his alleged repeated lying under oath must be re-opened, and if found guilty, removed from his lifetime appointment!

Judges must also be held accountable and removed or forced to resign for behaviors at odds with the law and society!


This just an example of what happens when one sacrifices principles for what is deemed a “Victory for our side”. This something the Democratic Party and far too many of its supporters does as well. In fact Politicians of all stripes in virtually every single country that is deemed a “democracy” functions in the sam manner which one reason everything going downhill so quickly.

Just as example, truly principled people do not support Indigenous rights one day and then support a Coup in Venezuela the next. Right Justin?


Its win-win for Collins and her corporate paymasters, and lose-lose for the 99%.

Congresscritters who reliably vote in favor of corporations and the 1% at the expense of the 99% have a K Street gig with their name on it when they retire or are voted out of Congress.

Single termers’ K Street gigs start at around $1 million per year. Multi-termers like Collins start at no less than $2 million…a far cry from their less than $200k Congressional compensation.

The sooner Collins is recalled or voted out, the sooner she can hop on the K Street gravy train !


a) Everyone knew that killing Roe was one of the main reasons for appointing Boofin’ Bart.

b) Collins wasn’t anywhere near alone in getting him approved. She (well, and Flake) was just the most successful at duping people into thinking she might have voted differently.


It’s worse than just double standard justice. When white collar criminals are sentenced it is taken for granted they are better people than, let’s a poor black man, and thus get reduced sentencing or better quarters.


It’s fine if abortion rights groups want to point out that the majority of Collins recent campaign donations came from out of state…just as long as they point out that the majority of donations supporting Collins’ as yet unnamed opponent also came from outside Maine.

I’d hate to see more Northam-style hypocrisy enter the conversation.


I’m sure she’ll cry her eyes out on her way to the Board of some corporate entity


You say that as if there is a distinction between the two.


"Sock it to Her."

It’s Retirement Time.


I cannot accommodate your request as I believe your comments help some who refuse to open their eyes and see how they are knee-capping our country in ridding ourselves of the liars and thieves that pose as politicians.


It doesn’t mean much to just talk to a mirror. Strong opinions are the strength of this site. As long as personal attacks stay away, we can banter the pros and cons til the cows come home.
When we add a fact or two to the conversation it won’t die of boredom.
We can only talk about this stuff, we can’t change the world from here. It’s just conversation and venting from time to time. And don’t tell me you don’t enjoy the music.
Wishbone Ash: “A hundred years in the sunshine, and I still don’t know all there is to know.”
I’m pushing 70 and try to keep an open mind.


Hope you have a good day birthday. I retired at 64 1/2.
Hope you have better weather where you are. Here it’s below zero and the wind is howling as well.


I think it’s something in the water. The American people have been dumbed down to the point of sheep are smarter.
G.H.W.Bush said it most accurately;
“If the American people knew what we have done, they would chase us down the street and hang us.”


Very well said! Happy Birthday!


So is Manchin who for some reason keeps getting a pass for his vote for Kavanaugh. Why is it always Collins who gets blamed for her votes? There are other women in the GOP who also betrayed women by voting for him.

But Manchin could have voted no and forced the republican who wasn’t there to come vote. I’m hearing that Manchin gets a pass because he has to vote with republicans if he wants to stay in congress. Apparently the other opponents are much worse, but this doesn’t make sense. The other guy will vote with the republicans. But Manchin votes with them most of the time so you can see why I’m confused?

As for those who think that democrats are going to investigate Kavanaugh and then remove him from the court think again. They wanted him there just as much as republicans did. If not then there were many procedures that they could have used to stop him from being appointed. Just like the republicans did during Obama’s entire tenure.


I have stated before that I really like Maine and that state deserves a much better senator than this shameless sellout, Collins. Now that the appalling Tea Party asshole Paul LePage is gone dump this two-faced broad as soon as possible. What a liar she is when she refers to herself as a “moderate” when she votes the way she has, including the string-a-long media bullshit about Kavanaugh when she shamelessly ended going with Trump and McConnell and confirming that little shit. My gawd, even Lisa Murkowski voted no on that nomination and she is certainly no liberal.
Collins IS a disgrace. Dump her hypocritical ass.


You have a point but I don’t remember Manchin saying that he was reconsidering his vote and leading people on by associating with someone like Murkowski who had enough doubts that she was considering saying no and actually did vote no. Collins was such a weasel about the whole thing and this is not the first time she has done something this. Her duplicity is a disgrace.


What’s so sick about all of this is that Susan Collins knew all along that Brett Kavanaugh was not going to uphold Roe vs. Wade. Her reassurances were disingenuous at best. The people of Maine need to throw her out on her ear. She has betrayed her constituents and all women everywhere. What’s worse is that she knew better but didn’t care anyway.


Manchin never presented himself as a woman’s champion like Collins did. For years, Susan Collins, ran as this moderate Republican who supported a woman’s right to choose. She won women’s’ votes on the basis of the image she cultivated over the years. Yet when push came to shove she betrayed all of those, mostly women, who supported her over the years. It’s different with Manchin. He never claimed to be a champion of women’s rights. He presents himself as what he is; a conservative Democrat.