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'Paging Senator Collins—This Is on You': Efforts to Oust Maine Republican Intensify After Kavanaugh's Anti-Abortion Vote


Maybe Sen.Collins will chip in a few bucks toward building more prisons for back alley abortion clinic operators and their clients, and more orphanages for all the unwanted kids. Maybe even build a few Dickensian workhouses too.


Senator Collins is a woman?


Oh. Mr.Kanvanaugh, your 14 going on 15 year old daughter----what if she went to a party, but was successfully raped. What if she became pregnant? Would you force her into an unwed mother’s home—if they have them----or would you be so evil as to make her have the baby?


Kavanaugh and the rest of the 1% have always had and always will have abortion on demand seeing how they have the resources to travel to wherever abortion IS legal.

Anti-choice laws negatively impact only those who don’t have the means to travel to where abortion is legal.

Recall anti-choice Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Tim Murphy telling his mistress to get an abortion after he knocked her up in 2017.


duh. i’m pretty sure he can afford the plane ticket to Sweden or some place civilized. this kind of crap never affects the rich. it never has.


Think of how many more of these “white male supremacist” and “Christian” creeps
Covington is getting ready to turn out a la Brett Kavanaugh!

Susan Collins is all farce – and I don’t mean funny – it’s sad and nonsense making
and who was she supposed to be fooling?
Eventually, I’m sure we’ll see the payoff by the GOP.


Flouride has been the favorite suspect – but here in NJ we have
17% lead in our water. Wow!

And who knows what else – only Erin Brockovich knows!


You tell us what someone tweeted, then you quote them, then you show us the tweet. This is MOST ANNOYING. CUT IT OUT!! We trust you. Tell us what they tweeted. That’s enough. And, WTF is UltraViolet, and why should I care?


Better yet his wife. I’m sure he and his wife would be quite content to raise the rapists child, providing as much love and support as they did for their daughter. Far better than an immoral abortion.


I feel guilty about every vote for most fashionable Collins.


HI drone 1066-----yes Kavanaugh might spirit her out of America if she became pregnant------but no matter----women and those who care about women( and girls) having a right to their own bodies------------ they would create a chorus of screaming and avenging angels, and Kavanaugh’s own HYPOCRISY would bring forth a plethora of Public outrage and crack his court tenure into a short and necessary Humpty Dumpty ending.
It could happen : )


Hi dkshaw----- that is possible that the Kavanaugh’s would pretend it never happened and raise the rapist’s child----but what psychic damage would be done to their own daughter in order to hide her experience? This is more about the evil parents do to their own kids-----and it has nothing to do with LOVE.


Brett’s daughters will probably be hanging out at the same posh country clubs and having brewskis with the same sort of “nice” young upper-class 17 year old “men” from the same exclusive private schools.  He’s probably assuming that “What goes around, comes around.” doesn’t apply to himself.

Kavanaugh is a two-bit version of Tweetle-Dumb — all he cares about is his own sorry ass.   IF the DamnocRats hold the House and take over the Senate in 2020 they would have a great deal of false testimony to justify impeaching Kavanaugh and removing him from the Supreme Court.  Whether their Korporate Masters would allow the Dims to do this is another matter entirely . . .


I’m pretty sure Susan did not sacrafice any of her principles because she doesn’t have any.


I’m sorry, but when I see this picture of Kavanaugh I can’t help thinking of Beavis and Butthead.


Hey Collins,
You helped put an anti-choice misogynist on the SCOTUS. Own it!


This will be her Legacy. She deserves no apathy here and needs to be Removed from office for taking bribe money which is all to obvious. Most Congress Members do the same which is why they are all multi millionaires… but Collins went to far with the deciding vote to elect this piece of shit to any court!


I do not know Collins but I have heard her speak. Her voice and other parts shake. Wonder if she has Parkinsons?