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Paid Family Leave Is an Investment in Public Health, Not a Handout

Paid Family Leave Is an Investment in Public Health, Not a Handout

Darby Saxbe

Most Americans – on both sides of the political aislesay they support paid parental leave. However, we haven’t yet found the political will to make it happen.

If we attempt to drift away from a capitalist state, and move toward a more social democratic country, will the many socialist policies be tainted by greed as it is with capitalism, rendering us little gain in the end?
Is the end of capitalism the end all to greed and corruption?

“When President Trump mentioned paid family leave in his State of the Union address, legislators from both parties applauded – a rare moment of unity in an otherwise divided Congress. At long last, the United States’ status as a global outlier on family leave policy may be coming to an end”

It is very hard for me to watch and hear the “odious one” but even if he did include these words in the SOTU speech and even if the otherwise divided congress did applaud has there been any action on Paid Family Leave? Maybe Tammy Duckworth is working on such a proposal after her drive to stop the false emergency declaration. Maybe congress was applauding a comment on Paid Family Leave since it sounded harmless at the moment. I cannot believe for a moment that congress would be inclined to sanction such a forward thinking plan when they cannot fathom the benefits of single payer health for all.

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They know the business community will tack on the cost to the employer, to the customer at POS. Point of service.
They don’t like forced increases unless they are competition neutral.

Everything is so crazy right now and in fact although I just have a sense of life in Europe before the so called WWII from the “movies” the nuttiness here, there and everywhere feels just like the nuttiness at that time as portrayed in the “movies”

Anyway I am finding it difficult to remain sane.

One of these days sanity will fall into the “It’s how you perceive it” category. There are so many levels.

Countries that have paid maternal and paternal leave report how ‘everything’ just works better when parents have paid leave. This article is detailed in how paid family leave can be an investment in Public Health but it could have gone further. Any discussion on paid family leave should also cite examples of this in practice in other nations.

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Maybe Jonathan Swift was right. Maybe we should have a single tax policy with a head tax as the single tax backed.up.with capital punishment for.failure to.pay the tax. World is overpopulated. So is USA.

My concern has been replacement workers. Do you have to hire an extra employee while you have one on leave? Or dual train all employees so they can cover any job position?

Perhaps a good idea. Life in prison after a third parking ticket, or speeding ticket.
J-walking could be 60 days in jail.
That leaves us with only torture as an option for more heinous crimes.