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Paid Leave Should Value All Care and All Families


Paid Leave Should Value All Care and All Families

Amber Halber

I worked in the service industry for many years. Five years ago when my son was born, I had a C-section and was allowed 6 weeks to heal. The time was unpaid. I had some complications but work put a lot of pressure on me. They told me they really needed me back after 5 weeks and could only guarantee me I would have a job, but not necessarily a shift. I needed the pay and went back even though I wasn't yet healed and missed the bonding time both my son and I needed from breast feeding. When my son was 4 months old, I woke up with a fever so high I had blisters on my face.


Capitalism, in its current model of predatory colonization is coming full circle in the ‘modern’ stage of societal cannibalism. It never has been sustainable, has always been predatory, dehumanizing and propagates the feedback loop of slippery slopes and dysfunctionalities.

“Profit” - bizarre to think that damn near the entire planet is being poisoned by an idea that has never been about well being, sustainability, regenerative vigor or anything else the “enlightenment” purportedly value[d]s. The only reason that it has existed this long is because the natural response to it hs been a steady stream of alternative perspectives that have been so painfully obviously such vast improvements that they could not be successfully argued against. No reason for that go missing at this particular point in history.

Noam Chomsky and company are right - we’re dealing with schizophrenia. I’d add that it is degengerative, accelerating and its consequences are compounding exponentially. Yuppers… shock doctrine - you know, the one that’s been acidifying so destructively? Nothing like an alkaline diet to counter the effects. Time to gather tid bits worth posting early and often… to paraphrase Mark Twain


The American people don’t understand their position in government priorities. they rank far below international industry’s profits! They are responsible for this situation because they are wilfully grossly ignorant of what has been transpiring, with their consent over many decades. The American people are treated like peasants by their federal government. They are at the bottom of politicians to do list. In a democracy you get the government you deserve. I think that statement says it all.