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Pairing 'Green Deal' With 'Just Recovery' in EU, Groups Embrace Tackling COVID-19 and Climate Emergency in Tandem

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/pairing-green-deal-just-recovery-eu-groups-embrace-tackling-covid-19-and-climate


Who cares if all these European and Scandinavian nations have signed on to making the Green Deal a starting point? The world has been discussing these measures since before the Kyoto talks in 98, with virtually little being done. Sad to say, but the only thing that has made a difference now is Covid-19. The air is becoming cleaner. Waterways are becoming cleaner. And so on.

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“After all is said and done, more will have been said than done.”


I suppose a green framework is better than nothing but it seems to me the platform is a lot feel-good ideas with no teeth. It doesn’t address the desire of so many to drive and fly everywhere, to eat a lot of meat, to spread out into the countryside, or the lack of access of millions and millions of women to birth control resulting in ever increasing population and demand.

Good concept!

There’s a lot more distance we can go with economics…like with a Jack Rasmus breakdowns. I mean for those who’ve never heard of DiEM25.

I wrote this ttps://cepr.net/the-length-of-the-shutdowns-will-be-determined-by-donald-trump-not-science/

There there is also more distance we can go with just the pure science of the virus…I mean how caught up we are with what the “experts” are saying. Everyone wants victory over the thing, but it could be we don’t even know how big the thing’s army is.

4/6 "Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said the virus was likely ‘reactivated’, rather than patients becoming re-infected.

"Scientists at the Government-run health body believe the virus may lay dormant at undetectable levels in human cells.

"They say that for unknown reasons the viral particles can then be reactivated - but it is unclear if patients become infectious again.

“Experts say there is no evidence to prove that the virus acts in this way and studies in monkeys have actually shown the opposite.” ttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8192015/Fifty-one-recovered-coronavirus-patients-test-positive-South-Korea.html

And now as I typed to my friend today…it’s a mind blower the engines find nothing anywhere re this question but at Daily Mail [relapsing or reactivating, the latter like HIV?]. Daily Mail “looks” like hokem! What rules will people use to believe or not believe what they read when things are like this? [there’s Snowden’s issue from the other day re credibility] All I can say is some outfits best start looking at worst case scenarios if they expect Trump & Republicans to do anything different. The main reason to look at worst case scenarios should be to get ready, and since there is no consensus on this issue it makes perfect sense to ponder the outcome associated. Anyway some realities, even possible realities, need to jostle the HMO approach to the future.

Common Dreams must have suggested this prior Corbett article (in same category) under the new article I was looking at yesterday. I can’t even remember what the new article was! It could have been one like Brauchli’s recent one. It could have been one like Suzuki’s recent piece. [but it wasn’t either of these] What’s worse is that I commented under this article in April, and had even forgotten that. Anyway, we can only hope that bigger and bigger…more and more existential…issues will cause we the great unwashed out here to comment/write more clearly. Yep, my last comment up there was, in terms of clarity, a mess!! Plus the way I wrote things, one could think the link-to-a-comment-somewhere-else…which now leads only to the Baker article itself, NOT the comment [thank you, Disqus]…was meaning I wrote the Dean Baker article! I didn’t see that glitch coming. My apologies for both.

‘…In science it is very common as you make advances scientist do debate and question each other and that is how knowledge advances. But for the general public it’s a new experience to have all of this debate happening out in the public domain.’ Dr. Soumya Swaminathan

Seems like Earth’s largest human population ever…could cut its resource consumption more than any prior, but at the same time become more scientific and democratic than any prior. Wouldn’t THAT mark a change in human societies more significant than any introduced by any prior technologies?

Well, I commented to a friend yesterday that, had the nation launched a Green New Deal, re-configured supply chains would have brought on just as many confoundments as SARS-CoV-2 has. I’ll stick by that today, Tuesday! And I think perhaps you could even throw in some additional challenges posed by Gail Tverberg to boot.

Probably trying to convince trickle-downers will cause us to argue at times with a little excess of
fact-based empiricism (if such a thing can be). Yes the more we lead folks into the weeds in that manner, the more we’ll likely lose a portion of the-set-of-all-those-who-will-listen [the difficulties Michael Moore’s movie’s encountering eg]. Whaddya gonna do? I’m not omniscient; I’m just one of the WE out here, and cannot myself lay out some sure-fire plan on how to convince voters.

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan quoted in “Kerala Dialogue | Counterforces will emerge post COVID-19 pandemic: Noam Chomsky”

This also I thought interesting [Vandana Shiva’s ideas finally erupting?] “India Must Return Rural Economy to the Forefront of a National Growth Trajectory - Experts” ~https://sputniknews.com/analysis/202006301079749005-india-must-return-rural-economy-to-the-forefront-of-a-national-growth-trajectory—experts/

PS Did not mean to spam; but, because of the three post limit I had forgotten about, I had to trim down a version of the above I put under David Suzuki’s recent CD article…to something that wasn’t so involved with prior comments from others under said June 27th’s piece…IOW where I put the longer version.