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Pakistan Park Bombing Kills Dozens, Mostly Women and Children


Pakistan Park Bombing Kills Dozens, Mostly Women and Children

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This post may be updated.

At least 64 people are dead and more than 200 are wounded after an apparent suicide bomber detonated outside a children's park in Lahore, Pakistan on Sunday evening.

Area police superintendent Mustansar Feroz told Reuters that "most of the dead and injured are women and children."


Another atrocity, another city, more victims and more sorrow........who will the criminal murderers be this time? The depraved Daesh, another terrorist group, or some state entity stirring the pot of conflict and hatred? Will "the West" respond to this Pakistani horror with empathy and solidarity or silence?
All the worlds a stage for horror of one form or another these days - humans can be sublime and so evil.....for some always behind the scenes profit is to be made regardless who the killers or who the victims......

Update: The answer is no (except CD) - the scumbag MSM nightly propaganda didn't even mention the Lahore bombing that killed at least 69 mostly women and children - just more Brussels aftermath & usual vapid blather - no correspondents in Lahore? This is a pattern - great outpouring of empathy when westerners are slaughtered but little or none for ME peoples slaughtered in the same manner by the same depraved murderers.......this time the "Pakistani Taliban" targeting Christian women and children.
Update: The MSM did finally day-after report on the Lahore suicide-bombing atrocity - death-toll now up to 72 and counting. Local citizen groups also reached-out with support for the victims families and Pakistani community.


Some people should go back and look at what they wrote about the Brussels attacks in light of this terrorist attack.

I say once again that there is no justification for terrorism against innocent people. These people in Lahore and those in Brussels were innocents and those who spout about payback and past colonial errors and modern ones needs to remember what the word innocent means. To the person who compared the bombing in Brussels to a guerilla warfare tactic I hope they are looking at the reality and that they realize now just how odious a comparison that was.

There is no justification for terrorism.


How very, very true. And the great tragedy in my view is that we as global citizens need to come together to solve the main crisis that faces us all: Ecological collapse, nuclear disaster through war and/or nuclear plant meltdown.


Yes, and on Easter Sunday to boot.


Stop with the grammer school name calling. You did the same thing in the other thread. I expressed my opinion and whether you like or not concerns me not one wit. My point is and was that there is no justification for terrorism against innocents. Perhaps you want to play that standard card that this is blowback but you ignore the fact that it is an atrocity against innocents. Will you now tell us that there are bombings and missiles strikes and explain how attacking women and children in a playground is somehow blowback? You excuse the inexcusable because they do these things but there is no justification in attacking women and children is there?

Try reading without trying to make excuses for intentional acts of depraved mass murders. There isn't even the remotest connection to a military target ...none!
I don't excuse that and I would think that the media in Pakistan and Lahore will be devoting far more coverage to this terrible event than they did the one in Brussels because that is logical to expect since for them in the Middle East this is 'local' and similarly for us in the west Brussels was 'local'. There definitely needs to be more coverage of the effects of war by all the media but that is not 'us' now is it? They learned that by televising the war in Vietnam it ended up stopping the war. War is something else that won't be televised.

I am sorry that you and others ignored the import of my first few posts and I am sorry that I attempted to respond at all after being insulted and ganged up on but I am waiting for you to post something about this attack in Pakistan like what was posted before. I want to hear your logiic so to speak.
If you do as you did and twist my words and then attack me for what I didn't say like before then you will...again. I stand by my first posts and would say what I said again but I will not play this game where you and a few others come at me from all sides and claim I say something which I don't or not say something that I did and then when I respond you trade off on each other's comments. In the end I am still right and you can keep your conspiracy theories and anything else you say and can't prove ( but obviously choose to believe even without proof) close to your heart ...so to speak!

As someone told you >>> you are petty and spiteful and I happen to agree with them but to which I would add, your analysis is mundane as well.


I am sure. It is astounding the madness that threatens us all and so much of it caused directly by US imperial interventions. What Emphyrio meant by humanity being capable of such good and yet evil, the heights of enlightenment and the depths of depravity, is so pronounced today.

Two articles I just came across:




Idiot? I don't think wereflea was justifying or excusing anything done by the US. It was a refusal to explain or justify such terror bombings as tactical warfare. Anywhere.


To the families of these new victims, to the victims of injustice and oppression everywhere, I stand with you in the Mystery.


Tom, calling him an idiot will only add fuel to the fire of misunderstanding.


Yes. It might actually have been worse in previous times.


Really a very weird post given the subject of the article and slightly nauseating mockery of the deaths. Pseudo intellectual crap and vacuous word games. This is boring ... What was that word again? Oh yeah... Cluck.


Grazie, Tom. Buona Pasqua.


Never read it but have marked it down. I like real books but thanks. The examples you list point to a problem that comes along with "civilizations".


That was exactly my point, thank you. This sad and truly disgusting attack in Lahore proves my point best sad to say. There is no justification, no payback, retribution, revenge, blowback that justifies killing these children. That many sought to find an excuse based on anything at all much less Belgium's former colonial era is simply muddled thinking and rather contemptuous. Some people simply hate the west and yet they live there at the same time. To them I say what the Vietnamese said to us the American public. That our government's actions were different than what the American public wanted and that the Vietnamese were aware of that.

There are those who have risen to a level of power by convincing the frustrated and disturbed to suicide out and taking innocent lives with them. They tell these lost souls that they will gain paradise by performing what is a form of human sacrifice and offering the deaths of innocents to their corrupted vision of the deity. In Islam human sacrifice is anathema and an abomination and these leaders who send others to murder do a terrible evil and a heresy of their faith.

It is very sad but here we see a modern version of human sacrifice and of children and babies like was once demanded by some angry punishing god of the ancients. There is no justification for killing randomly. That is all this was. Random killing of innocents.

A horror being unleashed on the world. Random killing is not blowback ... It is an abomination. It is shooting up a movie theater or a school. It is madmen committing mas murder. It is not a guerrilla warfare or any kind of warfare it is mass murder only. It shouldn't be excused or justified in the slightest because of the neocons or any other war. Intentionally murdering children is not war... It is mental illness.

The eyes of their souls have been blinded and they do not sense the evil of what they do. Such people are lost.


One more to add to the list that I care about: California's statehood birth through genocide of Native Americans. The fairly recent, award-winning book Murder State: California's Native American Genocide, 1846-1873 by Brendan Lindsay lays out how the masses of white folks voted for and acquiesced to, while bands of white marauders along with state agents carried out genocide. It's a history slowly being unearthed to be seen in the light of day in this incredibly wealthy and powerful state that prides itself so much; pride, we must not forget, in most wisdom traditions, is not a virtue, but a blindness.


Forgive me, I might have misunderstood. Are you saying that the largest problems facing the world are nuclear war, nuclear power plant accidents, global warming, and pollution?

If that is what you meant, how do "global citizens," also known as people who don't control governments or huge corporations, have any influence over any of those things over the next, say, five to ten years?


Great Waves of Change.....And these horriffic events and pending ones all have the opportunity to either unite the human race as a single human family or to divide us.


Vote for Hillary Clinton and you'll be more susceptible to being killed by a bomb. It's that simple. Her foreign policy will be exactly the same as GWB & the current guy. Maybe worse because she's woman and she'll have to show that a vagina is just as bad-ass as a penis.


Actually, there is a history of Christians being persecuted in this region.