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Pakistan plans to hang paralysed man on Tuesday


Pakistan plans to hang paralysed man on Tuesday

WASHINGTON - The Pakistani authorities have set Tuesday 22 September as the date on which they will hang a paraplegic prisoner.

Abdul Basit (43) contracted tubercular meningitis while in prison, which has left him “bed-bound,” according to a medical board report.

Basit’s lawyers at Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) have filed a petition with the Supreme Court, arguing that to carry out the hanging would constitute cruel and unusual punishment. They are also calling on Pakistan’s President to consider a mercy petition filed on 22 July, on which no decision has yet been made.



What crime did this person commit? If he deserves the death penalty under Pakistani law, then it should be carried out regardless of his physical condition, unless he incapable of understanding or unaware of the fact that he is being executed. Perhaps the most significant message here is stay the hell out of Pakistan.