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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Calls on World to Pay Attention to India's "Fascist, Racist Hindu Supremacist Ideology and Leadership"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/19/pakistan-pm-imran-khan-calls-world-pay-attention-indias-fascist-racist-hindu


This “fascism” is beginning to look like an epidemic. WTF?


“Already four million Indian Muslims face detention camps and cancellation of citizenship,” said Khan. “World must take note as this genie is out of the bottle and the doctrine of hate and genocide, with RSS goons on the rampage, will spread unless the international community acts now to stop it.”

The “international community” has never stopped any nation of hate and genocide without a world war. Look how long the international community has tolerated the death and destruction of whole countries/continents and societies by the US Empire and their sycophants.


If Pakistan and/or India decide it’s time to use one of their nukes against each other, I am concerned that might give Israel the excuse to launch a couple into Iran, sending them back to the stone age. We have to be very careful what comes out of this confrontation. Too bad we couldn’t have set up, after WWII, some sort of world wide organization that would mediate in this type of conflict to keep it from going ballistic.


The embedded mainstream media has been ignoring this growing humanitarian crisis.


Religion is just so often characterized by tolerance and peace.

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The Hindu nationalist agenda is seeking its version of the Israeli nationalist “greater Israel” - greater India using some of the same tactics and ethnic cleansing as Israeli extremists. The US committed state genocide in the Americas, Europeans before them, but in the modern era, post WWII, when Israel was given carte blanche to ethnically cleanse and slaughter Palestinians , why not India slaughtering and ethnically-cleansing Muslims in Kashmir, or China the Weigers and in Tibet, Bolsonaro indigenous First Peoples, Burmese Buddhists ethnically cleansing Rohingya Muslims - the horrors off Mans Inhumanity to Man continues and grows…

If the world community doesn’t confront this and the other areas of extremist state terrorism, which is what they are, then we really are finished. Tragically they will not, and the UN is a toothless, powerless construct that has given the most powerful veto power over near everything. They talk and talk and talk and get relatively little actually done - generations of diplomats sucking off the great teat.

The problem is India and Pakistan as well as Israel, and its Uncle Sugar US, all have significant nuclear weapons and delivery systems; very definitely not a happy-ending prospect.

With all the problems in the world “religious” and ethnic extremist supremacist fundamentalist shite has continued to be the most evil depraved force on the fookin planet! We will be lucky to survive many millions will likely not in the immediate future and most of us also in the long-term.
The interstellar visitors were right to stay away from a species that slaughters its own and destroys, fouls, their only planet.

Say goodnight Gracie…


We did, it’s called the UN but it mostly turned in to a US bashing organization lately.

You’re just noticing it now?

No. The UN has been entirely too nice to the US lately.


Having lived in India, I can assure you that Hindu fanaticism is a hugely pervasive presence.
Modi is an accomplice to a massacre of Muslims and other Hindu sectarian violence, but was elected PM anyway.
Modi is also destroying India’s ecology even faster than it already was being destroyed, and he’s in bed with Trump businesses.
Hinduism is just as crazy and dangerous as the Abrahamic sky father religions.
Read the books Shantaram and Maximum City. Written a while ago, but still sadly, too true.


Unfortunately, most of the US-left is too, just like they did or are doing in Syria, Myanmar, and Xinjiang (Uighur land) and a few years ago, Sri Lanka. Their dismissal of, and their adherence to totally nonsensical Assad-Putin fabricated conspiratorial narratives surrounding Syria is especially repugnant.

Believe it or not “Yankee Imperialism” is not to blame for every atrocity in the world - especially the atrocities of the rising neofascist authoritarians around the world - of which Trump is only one of them and not even the worst one.

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They call it “akhand bharat” or the greater India project. It’s the Indian version of lebensraum. Google akhand bharat.


BTW, Tulsi Gababrd likes to hob nob with Modi - the man who was, at one time, on a US visa blacklist for his role in the Gujarat massacre.

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Yes, Rizwan, t hat is one disturbing part of her history. The extremist/fundamentalist wing of any religion is a threat to all, all the more when mixed with ultra-nationalism. She has made good progress in herself growing, changing, but there is a lot of very problematic history to change. I hope she can overcome the destructive influence of her father as a child…

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More or less. Used to be we had two big dogs in the junk yard and each one if them was keeping the little mutts on their side under control. Well, one of them dogs kicked the bucket and there’s only one left to control the yapping mutts and keep them from killing each other. So yeah, you gotta go easy on the big dog, cuz he’s about the only one that can enforce your resolutions.

While the BJP may not be exactly like the Nazis, there is a close enough resemblance. It definitely IS a theocracy and has been imposing its religious tenets on all religions.

"The Modi government is intentionally targeting religious minorities as part of its strategy, Indian human rights activist Harsh Mander told the Times. "

There are more than a few occasions when Christians, especially missionaries, were targeted and killed by Hindu mobs, so it isn’t a stretch to see that after the Muslims, Christians will be the next targets. It won’t be official policy because of the connection with the US, but it will happen on the sly without official approval, but there will be the same amount of official action taken against the perpetrators as they now take against rapists, i.e., as little as possible.

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Not hardly since the US can veto anything it wants and controls the use strings. Also, has any of the faint suggestions that the US has been hazardous to world health been in any way untrue?

That is a big deal tex. That the U.S. hypocritically picks and chooses and in not in a consistent way. We denounce Iran and N. Korea for pursuing nukes but turn a blind eye to Israel. What is the council SUPPOSED to think?

Oh, and by the way, this administration doesn’t know shit about diplomacy. Or at least chooses not to engage.

Group theory, category theory, is interesting to me. All groups are similar in that they have inclusive and exclusive rules and boundaries. Families, corporations, religions, cults, neighborhoods, countries are groups with similar structure.
Groups have a history of interactions with other groups and behavior ideosyncracies, creating traditional rivals. Hinduism, like Jewish and Christian, has rituals. They have a huge history of beloved stories which mainly involve conflict with outside groups, and will claim victory and/or irreparable injury.
Membership in many groups is simply unavoidable. When I was a child, my family had no rules for religion. I asked my father what religion I should be. He wisely suggested that I visit different ones and decide. At eight years old I visited all of the different Sunday Schools I could locate in my area. I found people either belonged because of family, because of very vague notions, or simply had no idea. I decided, at eight years old, to have none of it. Since then I visit religious groups on occasion when I am new in an area and want some company. I took my children to Hindu temple to understand the culture that their father grew up in. Hindu literature is every bit as bloody as the Old Testament and equally beloved.
Muslims are criticized for the rules that women play in their group structure. However, visits to different Muslim countries show you that these rules can be bent. Similarly, Christian and Jewish majority countries are not necessarily oppressive to their non-member neighbors.
Nonreligious countries are not necessarily without oppression. The issue is group structure. Within a group, individuals belong simultaneously to many types of groups. Individual behavior choices can vary according to the priority that each group has for him. Religion and country membership often compete for priority and loyalty. Rules for membership behavior in any
two groups may be divergent.
Within the US groups may orient according to the color of skin. Calling a person out for being black is categorically wrong according to US protocol, but isn’t is also wrong for calling out a person for being orange?
Groups are essential for comprehending and operating in a complex world. Who was it that said,
“Why can’t we all just get along?”