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Pakistan Says 16 Years of US Failure in Afghanistan Explains Latest Trump Outburst


Pakistan Says 16 Years of US Failure in Afghanistan Explains Latest Trump Outburst

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Pakistan Defense Minister accuses U.S. of sowing "mistrust" as American ambassador summoned to explain president's provocative tweet

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif


I was once attacked by the Santa Barbara County government. Reagan was president then and the government wanted my house torn down because it didn’t have proper permits.

The first letter I received said the area had to be returned to pristine clean dirt. It was signed “Sincerely, Somebody or Other.”

To make a years-long story short; no lawyers would represent me and I had to defend myself, which I did, successfully. Though the government drove me broke from being debt free and retired to out of town seeking a new life.

One lawyer told me if they ever started shouting at each other, that meant I was winning. Well, I won in court but the indebtedness vs. being retired was a drag for awhile.

The Pakistani defense minister has nailed it; The US is an imploded failed state that has been attacking its own people and any body else who moves. Oligarchs are fighting each other over worthless crumbs left by a formerly lush Earth.

Nobody wins this decline into global environmental collapse


Didn’t I read recently that the Pentagon is missing a trillion or so dollars and cannot account for into whose pockets it went! In addition I read where there are around 50,000 US troops for which it cannot account. Those are a lot of pay checks going somewhere each month!


Pakistan is no ally of the United States. I despise the current administration in Washington and oppose it in every way. Still, Pakistan is a nation that hates India, a more authentic democracy than Pakistan has ever been, and trains terrorists through its widespread support of religious schools known as madrassas that indoctrinate boys and young men into hating the West. Now, there are lots of reasons for distrusting the Western nations, especially American Imperialism. But training youngsters in hatred on religious grounds is just plain wrong. Pakistan officially protected Osama bin Laden and objected when American military found and executed him without warning Pakistani officials in advance. Furthermore, Pakistan hides the Taliban who routinely pass into Pakistani territory to avoid capture. We have no business over there and nothing good will come of our interventions. This Machiavellian crap is a waste of time and resources. Let the Pakistani military do whatever they intend to do and certainly don’t finance or equip them. They will always play us. Let the Russians and the Chinese have them.


I have a different take on all this.

Like Palestine in the aftermath of WWII, the partition of India was overseen by a failing British Empire.

Both the partition of Palestine and of India were botched - and botched badly - and today we are still dealing with the wreckage.

The armistice at the end of WWI was botched - Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and I’m just warming up.

The Pastun live, and have for a long time, lived on both sides of the monster nations we created, Afghanistan & Pakistan, to name but two.

At least Trump says what is on his mind - it is refreshing.

The political correctness of the past is stifling - artificial politeness is no substitute for the real thing - called honesty.

Once Trump is gone - what then?

Let’s try honesty, shall we.

“Nothing astonishes men so much as honesty & plain dealing”


Pakistan hid Bin Laden for years a mile from the Pakistani equivalent of West Point. Enough said.


Pakistan has a horrible human rights record, and only has a fig leaf of democracy. Really, they are more of a theocracy than anything else. They are one of 14 countries (all Muslim BTW) in which being openly atheist or agnostic is official grounds for execution. I wish we would cut off all aid to such countries (including the supposedly “royal” Saudis - really a family kleptocracy) unless and until they vastly improve their human rights records. That also includes Israel (which should never have been allowed to be stolen from the Palestinians) and Egypt. If we want to support anything in those countries, we should support their dissidents and political asylum seekers, and allow donations to opposition groups from our citizens (like Hamas).


“Still, Pakistan is a nation that hates India…”

Gee, lets see what Gandhi’s official website says.

Freed Indian Spy:

India tries to poison blind team captain

Read about the false flags in India:

Google insurgencies in India. They are active insurgencies in Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Bodoland, Assam, Punjab, Kashmir. Somehow Pakistan is always implicated in unrest/ violence in India. Even pigeons are suspect.

Again, the following fear/ violence is instilled/ inspired by Pakistan.

Indian media are are constantly gushing about fantasy “surgical strikes” on Pakistani troops/ border posts but have yet to produce any evidence of having done so.

Hindu hardliners view on the Taj Mahal

Gujarat rioting and false accusations. Read the whole article and you will know the spadefuls of love that Indians possess.

Unfortunately, these days whoever shouts the loudest all the time is the considered truthful and righteous. You may not know that the current Indian PM was once banned by the USA for his role in the Gujarat riots.

Hating the West? Sorry for the wake up call, but google videos of Zbigniew Brzezinski and Margaret Thatcher visiting the Afghan border (inside Pakistan) and talking to the Afghan terrorists. The jihad monster was created by the west and cannon fodder was created in those madrassas for the USA. Note that back then there were few beards (watch the Brzezinski video on youtube). Acknowledge your role in creating the madness that you see today. OBL was a Saudi and a CIA asset to boot. There is no denying that. You left the mess in Pakistan’s lap and walked away. And yeah - those bstards are your bstards - the whole lot of sick bearded whackjobs that you created. They cannot be wished away or bombed away like the US wants. Cant deal with them like white Americans dealt with African American slaves/ Native Americans. They have to dealt with carefully and patiently. But there is no doubt that they have to be dealt with.

“Pakistan officially protected Osama bin Laden and objected when American military found and executed him without warning Pakistani officials in advance”.

Again, OBL was within the clutches of the US military when they launched their operations in Afghanistan. Strangely Pakistan gets flak for “harboring him” or not knowing where he was, but the worlds most powerful intelligence/ military apparatus gets away with no criticism for having missed their target when they could hear him talking on radios? Acknowledge your failure as well.

“Furthermore, Pakistan hides the Taliban who routinely pass into Pakistani territory to avoid capture”

Afghan spokesman rejects Pakistani idea of border fence

Do they want to stop movement of crazy whackjobs or not? I’m confused here.

In the end, it would be worthwhile to read the following article as it clearly lays out the issues without the banal “they hate, she hates, he hates” cr*p.



The ops to get OBL involved a helicopter that crashed. Clearly, you believe that nobody heard that in a residential neighborhood - that too a mile away from the academy. It was also destroyed by the ops forces who quietly disassembled the “jigsaw-like” copter in record time so that its secrets would remain intact. I reckon that you also believe in fairies, pixie dust and brooms that help wenches fly.


The treatment of African Americans shows an exemplary human rights record, eh? You really are the standard bearer for upholding of human rights barring Vietnam, Abu Graib, Gitmo etc etc.


I strongly agree that the armistice at the end of WWI was badly botched and created the instability problems that exist today in that region. Entire “countries” were created from the rubble that was once the Ottoman Empire. The British and French, with at least silent agreement from the USA, installed dictatorial regimes, some of whom exist through to today, i.e. the Saudi “royal family” and the Jordanian “royal family.” Installed governments in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt (although Egypt was a different story because it already existed as a nation and wanted out of British colonialism), and Iraq were overthrown by military coups. Iran was a different story in which the despised shah Reza Palavi developed cancer and fled to the US, his long-time protectors, where he ultimately succumbed to the disease while Rahalla Khomeini led the Iranian Revolution that officially deposed Pahlavi. The UN handling of the so-called British Mandate was also enmeshed in the post WWI-mishandling of the restructuring of the Ottoman Empire. But no government was officially installed by combatants. Afghanistan was never a country in the western sense and was not part of the Ottoman Empire. It is and has always been a tribal region with its own unique identity. Pakistan split off from India in 1947 due to the collapse of the British Empire. It was originally set up as East Pakistan and West Pakistan, 2 separate regions with almost 1000 miles of India between them. In 1971 East Pakistan became Bangladesh during the Bangladesh war for independence. These developments are all about power and have nothing whatsoever to do with correctness of any kind.


This article is about Pakistan but I think it is worth mentioning the horrible history of internal terrorism in Arabia and the Us government’s relation with Saudi Arabia


The article is about Pakistan. I was addressing Pakistan specifically. I think our own miserable human rights record is well-known around here and other progressive sites.


Thanks for your reply - I appreciate it.


And the USA also has a horrible human rights record and only a fig leaf of democracy.
So what’s that saying? Pakistan is more eviler than the US? How many countries does Pakistan have drones buzzing overhead shooting missiles at civilians? Because the US does its killing outside of its borders its not so evil?


I will admit that you are right. Pakistan has a dismal record and its not moving in the direction everybody feels it should. More should be done to protect the rights of minorities and people alike. since you dont know about it, I will tell you about some work is being done at great personal cost in that regard. Google Gibran Nasir. He takes on the mullahs & shames the state for abdication of its responsibilities. Google Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy. Both are trying to wrest away the narrative from the frothing mullahs and telling people that it is ok to call out bigotry/ hatred and resist the mullahs, their backward thinking as well as draconian laws in Pakistan. They are both heroes who need to be acknowledged and protected. I fear that they may not last long. Salman Taseer, a governor of Punjab, was killed for speaking out in defense of a Christian woman, jailed for blasphemy. Sabeen Mahmud was silenced for continuously criticizing the intellegence services. People are trying, but all that we hear in return is “Pakistan is evil, Pakistan is harboring terrorists…”. Help or keep quiet.