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‘Palestine is Still the Issue’: UN Vote Exposes, Isolates Canada

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/21/palestine-still-issue-un-vote-exposes-isolates-canada


As a Canadian that has taken the time to educate myself about the Palestinian issue I have to say that I am ashamed to be Canadian when it comes to this and several other foreign policy matters.

It seems to me that Canada’s Foreign policy is written in Washington whose Middle Eastern policy is written in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem by hate-filled Zionists who are not supported by growing numbers of Jews.

I have no problems with Jews but many zionists are little better than Islamic extremists and are a scourge upon the planet.

I often wonder if there is any distinction between people who claim to be “God’s chosen people” and “The Master Race” but have yet to uncover one.

Canada’s foreign policy sickens me but it is aided and abetted by the cluelessness of much of the Canadian Media and their refusal to listen to those who may deviate from the established beliefs and narratives.


Nothing against Canada, but could it be, that world opinion about the Palestinian people’s 2nd class status is finally starting to swing in their favor?

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From the article: "A March 2017 poll indicated that 78% of all Canadians believe that “BDS is reasonable”.

Do you know if any poll like this has been done in the US of A? I suspect that like in Canada, a lot of people here support BDS, but are never heard in our media either. Just as in all things in this Empire in Decline, the peoples voices are never heard or are suppressed.


It was up until neo-liberalism took hold in Canada that we had a Foreign Policy that I would have deemed as concerned with justice and human rights. After Mulroney took office and with the signing of those trade agreements it all went South in a hurry.

Mulroney wanted to be “noticed” by his hero Reagan so started changing foreign policy to match that of the USA. “Free trade” deals lead to Corporate interests and access to markets being elevated up and above everything else. Canada’s role as a “peacemaker” transformed into being a war maker as subsequent Governments felt that the Foreign Policy of Canada had to become more “robust” otherwise the big players would not take Canada seriously.

Now all Canada does is tag along with the bullies on the block trying to crush any Country that deemed not friendly to the presence of Canadian Corporations (In Particular the mining industry). Canada has become just another of the Imperial nations Cabal and given the State of Israel was formed as a tool of that imperialism go out of their way to protect that Colonial power.

It a shameful thing and when Canada lost its bid to become a member of the Security Council i cheered.

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I have no idea what the % of US residents support BDS, or if any poll has been done here. Just guessing, I would say less % than Canada, simply because of the amount of pro Israel propaganda put out by our MSM. I am impressed with the amount of countries in Europe who seem to have had enough of this racism towards Palestinians.

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But the European Union, though sometimes professing concern at Israel’s crimes,
is resolutely behind Israel, and won’t enforce even its own rules against, for example,
imports from West Bank settlements that are falsely labelled as products of Israel.

Lots of stories on the EU and Israel at ~http://electronicintifada.net/

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Of course I agree with your assessment of Canada’s subservient foreign policy
from Mulroney onwards. But I fear you share the myopia of too many Canadians
– and others – about ‘the golden age of Canadian diplomacy.’

As Yves Engler’s books and blogs have extensively documented,
Canada has always supported empire (British, then U.S.). Even Canada’s
goody-two-shoes initiatives like peacekeeping served imperial interests.
Not surprising, given Canada’s colonial origins and extractive economy.

Who can complain that Canada’s blindly pro-Israel foreign policy
was a huge factor in losing Trudeau’s bid for a Security Council seat?

Not I. But at least two other factors should be considered.

  1. Canada’s lead thug role in fronting the U.S. campaign to overthrow the elected
    government of Venezuela isn’t welcomed by all Global South countries,
    perhaps even those run by dictators, who worry about falling out of favor.
    And the embrace by Trudeau/Freeland of obvious dictatorships and kleptocracies
    like Honduras, Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia, etc. in this campaign is glaringly
    hypocritical when seen against Canadian claims to support international law
    and democracy. Reportedly, Venezuela’s government – still recognized
    by the United Nations and two-thirds of its member countries – actively
    campaigned against Canada’s deceptive bid for the seat.

  2. More than half of major world mining companies are headquartered
    in Canada, at least partly because of lax government oversight and
    favorable taxation. Many of these Canada-based extractors have caused
    environmental disasters and deadly social calamities around the world.
    Thousands of Canadians who petitioned UN members to vote against
    their country made this a major point


I disagree with your assessment. Diefenbaker (who was no friend of The US Empire) and Pearson after him directly declined sending troops to Vietnam. He was also not in good graces with the British. He was also much friendlier with France then was the UK and the USA both of which had France on the list of Countries they did not see as being sufficiently subservient to the Anglo_American Alliance.

After him Trudeau was also an outlier. He was no friend of the US (Both he and Pearson opened the borders to draft dodgers) opened relations with Cuba over US Objections and Visited China over US objections. Trudeau had visited China in 1960 and in his younger years socialized with many Communists and Socialists. They were always leery of him in the USA.

Those three started pulling Canada away from both the UK and the USA. Both Trudeau and Chretien wanted to end the role of the Monarch of the UK as head of state but both felt they could not do so until separatism defeated as they needed support of the Monarchists in Quebec and elsewhere.

This does not mean they were 100 percent independent. What it means is that starting with Diefenbaker and then through Pearson/Trudeau they started Canada down the road of being something other then just imperial lackeys.

Mulroney reversed that.

It was not a Golden age to be sure, but it was working towards silver and could have been gold in time.

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While SNC Lavalin is not a mining Company, that scandal clearly showed what drives Canadian Foreign Policy. Justin Trudeau was openly defending the Corruption of that firm (Paying bribes, sending prostitutes to service leaders of third world Countries) because they were creating jobs in Canada.

People down in the USA should be aware of this. In Canada a Corporation can not make political donations to a given party yet these firms still have tremendous clout with Governments. An overturn of Citizens United would not mean an end to that Corporate dominance in politics.

In surrendering “The means of production” to private investors and Canada having divested itself of a number of Companies that were once owned by the crown , the Corporation can simply threaten to move jobs offshore (See free trade deals which allow this) and the Government scrambles to help them so as to retain those jobs.

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No doubt they (European countries) have a long way to go, but this recent action is a step in the right direction, and still many steps ahead of us here in the US.

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I suspect we are not that far apart. Certainly Mulroney – who idolized Chicago press baron
Col. McCormick as a boy and sang to Reagan for his supper as PM – cemented Uncle Sam’s
economic grip on Canada’s throat with the so-called Free Trade Agreement of 1988.

But the notion of real Canadian independence before that (mainly in the three decades after 1950)
is misguided, or at least overstated, as Engler argues.

For example, it’s true that Canada didn’t officially participate in the U.S. invasion of Vietnam,
and permitted U.S. draft dodgers and deserters to shelter in Canada (which Trudeau fils wouldn’t do).
But as Noam Chomsky and others pointed out, Canada spied on behalf of the U.S. as a member
of the supposedly neutral International Control Commission. It never stopped supplying war material
to the Pentagon and took no action against Canadians who voluntarily served in the U.S. army.