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Palestine: Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children


Palestine: Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children

JERUSALEM - Israeli security forces are abusing Palestinian children detained in the West Bank. The number of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli forces has more than doubled since October 2015.

Interviews with children who have been detained, video footage, and reports from lawyers reveal that Israeli security forces are using unnecessary force in arresting and detaining children, in some cases beating them, and holding them in unsafe and abusive conditions.



Hitler and his goons taught us what to expect from racist governments hell-bent on compelling innocent people to live in ghettoes. The heroic Jewish revolt in the Warsaw ghetto taught us what to expect when people were sick of being brutalised and compelled to live in ghettoes.


Great segue for me to add: how DARE ANY Israelis OR Jews conduct themselves as they have been? Have they forgotten their history? Their humanity? I'm proud of the Israeli soldiers who have taken a stand against the inhumanity they're ordered to practice. I'm disgusted by and bitterly disappointed in all these Israeli goons. Violence begets violence. When will they ever learn?


I'm sending this article and every other I read to every American Jew I know who still thinks Israel has a "right to defend itself". I ask my family and friends to picture their own children while they read it. I ask them whether they can finally agree that the government, the police and the army in Israel are creating another generation that will hate the Jewish State and Jews everywhere. Perhaps I should also ask them whether they still think Israel would be a refuge for them if the rest of the world decides to hate and prosecute them.