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Palestine: Our History Haunts Our Future


Palestine: Our History Haunts Our Future

Samah Jabr

A French colleague once asked me, “Why are the Palestinians stuck in the Nakba? They commemorate villages no longer present on any map and bequeath to their children the keys to homes that have been long abandoned. Why don’t they leave it all behind, and look to the future?”


People turn their backs on the Palestinians never once considering that by the very nature of capitalism and the fascists that control our economy, what has been done to them inevitably is also our fate. When there is nothing left to steal…and the people finally decide to get off their asses to fight, they will be met with the same bullets and body bags. Then the media that night on the news will refer to your bullet ridden body as radical extremist…who passed away instead of was murdered. Then we all look at each other and ask how such a thing could happen to us. I can see it like I was living it now.


The Palestinians have been repeatedly offered a two state solution and have rejected each one without counter. Why is this? Because it requires them to live peacefully side-by-side with the Jews of Israel. That is unacceptable to the Palestinians.


You have it backwards mate.