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Palestine Overwhelmed by Illegal American Immigrants


Palestine Overwhelmed by Illegal American Immigrants

Juan Cole

If there were a Palestinian Donald Trump, he’d be fulminating against illegal immigrants swamping the Palestinian West Bank. And he’d be complaining that fully 1 in 6 of these undocumented squatters are Americans .


Actually, that particular study doesn't reveal anything that's especially new. It's been known for years that a substantial percentage of Jewish settlers in the West Bank are Americans.

That being said, no matter who the West Bank settlers are, be they American or Israeli Jews, they do not belong in the West Bank. The building of settlements in the Occupied Territories (i. e. West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem) is illegal under International Law, and Israel must do her part by evacuating her right-wing Jewish (both Israeli and American) settlers, and her troops....now! Those lands that've been under Israel's occupation for the past 48 years are being occupied illegally by Israel, and they belong to the Palestinians, not Israel.

I do admit that I wasn't aware of the percentage of the illegal Jewish settlers being American immigrants, but that percentage is rather high, imho.


Sort of ties in to American history all along, though....squatting on land and then annexing it, regardless of the former occupants who could be said to have a legitimate claim to it. Oh but I forget, this was GOD's plan. Right.


Excellent post ncycat...kinda took my thunder...aren't there awards for great writing?, you should win one :_)))