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Palestinian Children’s Lives Are Shaped By 50 Years of Military Occupation


Palestinian Children’s Lives Are Shaped By 50 Years of Military Occupation

Jennifer Bing

There are two places to visit if you want to know the human impact of Israel’s 50-year military occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory: an Israeli military court and the sitting room of a Palestinian family. I have been to both.


A word which would help some to better understand Israeli behavior would be to characterize the “military offensives” and the “2014 military assault on Gaza” as “pogroms”.


An updated version of the old claim that Jews slaughter non-Jewish children to use their blood in making matzah. What about the Jewish children killed in terrorist bombings during the intifadeh or living in terror of Hamas rockets from Gaza? Children on both sides are suffering, but this sort of one sided report is just war propaganda against Israel.


This report is completely one sided. You didn’t talk about the reason these Palestinian children went into prison in the first place, the reasons for the bombing in Gaza (which are military activity inside those facilities - look at the recently discovered tunnel under an UNRWA school). You didn’t discuss the constant propaganda encouraging Palestinian children to act violently instead of seeking peace, and finally, you didn’t mention the main reason Palestine is so poor and underdeveloped: the money from foreign donations is mostly used to pay Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, in Gaza to pay the expenses of building tunnels. There are more places that money goes I can list, but the point is it doesn’t go to the people like it is supposed to. When Israel exited Gaza they left behind developed farming equipment which was later destroyed because it was “Zionist”. This is the attitude, so how can there be a solution? So please, next time you write such an offensive and criticizing report, look at both sides. This is more complicated than just “children abused by Israeli military”.