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Palestinian Groups Condemn Violence, Ask World to Recognize Root Cause


Palestinian Groups Condemn Violence, Ask World to Recognize Root Cause

Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Amid rising violence and tensions in recent weeks, Palestinian rights groups on Thursday condemned all "forms of attacks on civilians" and declared that the current situation cannot be "explained, addressed, or remedied" without a clear-eyed look at its root causes, which remain Israel's violations of international law and brutal control of the Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Criticism of Israeli policies is NOT the equivalent of anti-Semitism, if that is what you are claiming.


I don't have to "read" anything into what you say. I was being polite and used the word "if'' in case you didn't notice.

But having read many of your past comments, it's easy to see your hatred for Islam and your defense of Israeli policies.





I find it bizarre when some posters suggest we all conflate zionism with Judaism.


I always find it remarkable the way savage fascists from Hitler to the Zionist settlers, will and paint themselves as "victims". It confirms the human mental mechanism, perhaps conscious, perhaps unconscious, whereby the fascist or Zionist know their actions are indefensible, so, in order to bury the cognitive dissonance so they can live with themselves, they delude themselves into being victims, and turn their victims into aggressors.

The psychological and socioplogical science behind this is fascinating and presumably the material for numerous papers and doctoral dissertations in a whole new branch of sociology in university departments of anti-Zionist studies.