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Palestinian Protester Vows to Continue Hunger Strike After Waking from Coma


Palestinian Protester Vows to Continue Hunger Strike After Waking from Coma

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Palestinian hunger striker Mohammad Allan, whose case pits doctors and activists against the Israeli government, awoke from a four-day coma on Tuesday and immediately pledged to resume fasting—and to refuse water—if Israel did not resolve his case within 24 hours.

Allan, who is being held at Barzilai Medical Center, is demanding an end to his administrative detention and to be released. He has been in Israeli custody without charge or trial since November 6, 2014.


Held without charges or trial indefinitely like many Palestinians, or rotting in Israeli prisons on trumped-up charges and fabricated “evidence”. The Israeli state and right wing leadership are war criminals and should be standing in the dock at The Hague for crimes against humanity! And “we” - the US - should not support, arm, fund, or cover for Israeli terrorism and crimes, even as they and their agents in AIPAC subvert our politics and elected reps!



I wonder about choice of words in this article: 'allowing prisoners to be force-fed’. Should the word ‘allowing’ not be substituted with ‘forcing’?


How many in the Israeli TOP zionist leadership’s actions have automatically classified their authors as war criminals, from Ben-Gurion on, including especially Sharon? ALL OF THEM. Let’s not forget the one who wanted to make peace with the Palestinians and was murdered by an orthodox Israeli for that decision, Rabin, the author/enforcer of the Broken Bones Policy for the Palestinian Résistance members defying Israel’s official military constant operations of Palestinian résistants’ and civilians’ killings, imprisonments, land stealings, home destructions, water restrictions, electricity interruptions, etc. Just reading the zionist quotes from all these TOP ISRAELI LEADERS is quite revealing on their ultimate goal, the one the nutàyahoo has been showing the whole world for too many mandates, including his stupid drawn-on-a-cardboard red line limit reach of a drawing of an antique type supposedly Iranian bomb… As if his Palestinian apartheid and genocide military policy was not enough. Iran has to be forced into the same fascist treatment reserved to the Palestinians. And no, Iran’s Khomeiny didn’t declare that Israel should be destroyed, contrary to what the bad translation said, and corrected the following day, but kept in its erroneous form by Isreal and the Western world mainstream media for the GOOD of Israel and the Western countries who would love to regain control of Iran and ITS OIL…