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Palestinian Rights Advocates Refuse to Applaud Israel-Trump-UAE Deal That Upholds 'Ongoing, Devastating Apartheid'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/palestinian-rights-advocates-refuse-applaud-israel-trump-uae-deal-upholds-ongoing


I wonder how this benefits the UAE. I do not believe for a moment it has anything to do with compassion for the Palestinians:



What does Trump get by doing this and what do you get from Trump doing this?

Dump gets to read from a piece of paper in front of him, struggling to articulate the words United Arab Emirates, (twice) pronunciation of names and a puffed up sense of worth.
We get to listen to dump reading from a piece of paper in front of him, struggling to articulate the words United Arab Emirates, (twice) pronunciation of names and a confirmation of his worthlessness.
Israel and the United Arab Emirates get to consolidate their antipathy for the Palestinians and their plight.

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Advocates for Palestinian rights vehemently rejected claims
by the Trump administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
that [the deal] marked a “historic day” in the fight for peace in the Middle East …

Though an advocate for Palestinian rights, I disagree:
it was an historic day of public infamy and treachery.


More US manufactured weapons of mass destruction at bargain prices… Pompeo style diplomacy. Give them weapons then ask them to pretend to do something so we look good.

Edit to add: Now we know what the “emergency” was.


My first thought was to call them traitors. Thankyou for that.

But if these people can send a rocket to Mars, surely they have the technology to build weapons? What am i missing?


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The MIC does not approve of competition. They own the worlds weapon market. And someday, the Mars weapons market. But for now, the earth will do.

If they (the UAE) started to make their own weapons, they would be added to the list Iran is on… sanctioned, lied about, attacked covertly, etc.


The Palestinians get to “celebrate” 75 years of occupation, terror and deprivation and somebody is suppose to be rewarded with a prize for peace ? fucked up beyond belief


It is perfectIy cIear that the U.S. , IsraeI and much of the UN thinks that this is aII fine.
Wow-----it is embarrassing to be an American. Maybe IsraeI’s God wiII get tired of them and send a few meteors down to wake them up as to what happens when sanity no longer ruIes… IsraeI and America , BraziI, and Saudia Arabia -----the new bigger than ever, Nazi party.


It’s not easy to support Iran.

But I sure as shit do.


They are in a cold war fight with Iran. And other arab countries are siding with the Israelis to be against Iran. The UAE was part of the saudi fight in yemen. A country torn apart by a religious with Iran on one side and the saudis and others on the other side. Iran is Shi’ite while the saudis and others are sunni.
And the saudi practice a radical view of sunni, the Wahhabi started in the 19th century, buried for a long time and revived by the saudis in the 70s’. Of which 14 of the 9/11 terrorists were of that sect. Bin laden was also in that sect, when the US was providing weapons and money to him to fight the russians.
The US is very good at propping up dictators who later bite our hand.

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trump loves strongmen people like bibi. He loves their adulation and wishes he could do the same.
Plus he solidifies the evangelicals vote as part of his base. They believe that the 2nd coming will only happen if israel controls all the land they supposedly did over 2500 yrs ago. Which means the palestinians must be ousted one way or another.
It also feeds into the hate of the republican base towards minorities.


Iran is a member nation of OPEC and the only one remaining that does not sell its Oil in US Dollars. The others that tried this were all eliminated under the guise of “the war on terror”.


Actually most of the UN is against what israel does. The problem is they have no authority or power to do anything. They need the US to vote with them and the US has voted against the UN resolutions for decades. So it is like pissing into the wind. The US and western european powers purposely denied any power to the UN.
That is why the whole idea of the black helicopters coming from the UN to take over the US is total BS.


I support the people of Iran, they (for some reason like americans) still like us. Our policies towards Iran hurts them. Their leaders have good reasons to fear the US. Isreal has been prodding the US to attack Iran since trump became president. And is now adding some of the arab countries towards that goal.
Right now a proxy war in Yemen is being fought by the saudis against the iIranians. Which is a religious war between the shi’ites and sunnis. And the suadis are sunni fanatics since the 70s’, following the wahhabism sect.


Sometimes it is WAG THE DOG and other times it is WAG THE ASS. Whenever the masses across ethnic, linguistic, religious and political dividing lines fill the streets together, cheek by jowl to protest institutional corruption and political malfeasance the Weapons of Mass Distraction must be deployed. Today it is Lebanon while the rest of the Levant and Muddle East is bridling to come together and force out their crony caputalist Corporate Caliphate and their hirelings in government.

In fall 2015 in Israel it was a flurry of HAMAS jolly rocketeer home-made tin missiles catapulted across the southern Israeli frontier and sending the population to live in underground reinforced bomb shelters for months. Also subjecting the already calorically restricted by Israeli PM Netanyahu and otherwise subjugated civilian population of Gaza to bloody bombing and other retaliations of the drone and boots-on-the-ground never exhausted playbook. The nationalistic and militaristic value to Daddy Warbucks is estimable. Especially the ability to label “COMBAT TESTED” a newly marketed to despot or western Urban Police Force piece of hardware, software or counterinsurgency training course.

Check the stock market ticker for up-to-the-millisecond valuations of Raytheon, General Dynamics, Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Israel Avionic and Cyber Security Industries like NSO Group implicated in the Saudi Royal contract dismemberment in Turkey of reformist family member turned Washington Post columnist and Saudi Critic Lite Jamal Khashoggi, Black Cube implicated in their client Harvey Weinstein’s alleged character assassinations, and homegrown Feudal Lords of HI FInance\Tech with companies thriving in Silicon Valley like NEW RIGHT Israeli political and territorial maximalist movement personified by Naftali Bennet a charismatic Modern Orthodox secular settler community leader raised in a socially liberal and multi-cultural Haifa neighborhood, with a couple of years living with relations in Montreal who ran for PM and lost in the recent Head of State elections that ended in a tie between long ruling and currently indicted on criminal charges PM Bibi Netanyahu and former General slightly less right wing and more diplomatic Benny Ganz.

Here are some of cyber-security entrepreneur Bennet’s views and political platforms along with his nationalistic vision far to the Right of yet, in some ways, more pragmatic and co-operative with Palestinian rival nationalists than the opportunistic and values malleable indicted and on trial for crimes of bribery and government malfeasance Bibi Netanyahu. In whose political party of Likud Naftali Bennet served until establishing his own turf to Bibi’s right:

That fall 2015 saw the last of Social Democratic Green Line partitioned and founded 1948 new nation-states. 1948 being the year of Imperial UK Partitions that created either independent or Remote Colonial entities. It also divided along ethnic, religious, political, nationalistic and linguistic lines the Indian sub-continent across the Arabian Sea. East Pakistan, Bangla Desh came into being only to morph.

Kurdistan continued since the Sykes-Picot French-UK Agreement to go unheeded with frontiers speaking different Kurdish regional dialects forcibly integrated into Strong Man cults of personality and global geo-political pawns of economically crucial smuggling lines in post-Othomani Empire nation-states in the Mess-O-Pot- dystopias of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Black Sea Region Laz People of the Caucasus to Levantine and Fertile Crescent secret societies like the Druze and Yazidis that tend to be land-locked up to the Southeastern Mediterranean continental dividing line of the Sinai Peninsula separating Africa from Asia.

With Mother Egypt, Trans Jordan and of course under discussion here, Palestine bleeding into The Levant. The Tragic Mediterranean Contest of Musical Chairs outlived the Greek and Assyrian, Eastern Christian Constantinian and even the Persian and Othomani Empires.

The Neo-Liberal E-CON Revolution that Was Not Televised transformed in the late 1970’s as so clearly and universally understandable now that it has English sub-titles (thanks to Australia’s tiny yet idealistic Judeo-Zionist Diaspora who funded the translation and sub-titles and organized discussion groups for Israel Public Interest TV News’s last gasp of indie breath before the unfettered Global Capital Oligarchs bought up Israel’s Broadcast system) this accessible and universally relevant investigative series, MAGASH HaKESEF\The Silver Platter.

These 3 hour long segments were aired in Israel fall 2015 bringing into Tel Aviv streets for weeks tent cities of un-housed Israelis, students, wage slaves and families crammed together working more hours for only mounting debts in a fake national accounting system, they all came out together across ethnic, linguistic, religious and political lines to protest this level of corruption, share information and hear from the activists. Including these 3 Whistle Blowers from across the Israeli political spectrum; Right Wing to Left Wing & Business Libertarian spectrum of politics. Each Whistle Blower narrating an hour long segment exploring in sharp interview segments with leaders from many different competing networks of power and rival communities in the once Social Democratic nation-state, now after 40 years of Wage Stag-Nation an oligarch owned proprietary Financialized Feudal state with all job creation being invested in off-shore where labor can be found cheaper.

For obvious reasons the Jewish Diaspora did not fund English sub-titles or post the 3 segments to U. of Tube. Yet a persistently idealistic Zionist Judeo Diaspora that retains its critical thinking skills and prioritizes the Social Well-being more than selling new Israel War Bonds or offering uncritical AIPAC support while 1 in 3 children across ethnic, linguistic, religious or political lines is raised beneath the OECD International (peer reviewed and data gathered) poverty line: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwFVzad-sEc

These 3 segments are an Ivy League level course delivered in plainspoken English translated language and terminology anyone with common sense can understand and apply to their home countries and politically corrupt milieus. Discuss the Myth Smashing findings of regularly reported (before Covid 19 pandemic broke out) Economic Miracles of these Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrines and dogmas that ate our karma and that flow from the weaponized and Blown Back Cold War propaganda meme that federally contracted academics like Milton Friedman lived off of while preaching that Milton Friedman and U. of Chicago fedrally contracted Gospel of Prosperity that forms the indoctri-Nation of the rest of U.S. dba SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT, GREED IS GOOD along with often very neighborly and loving while cohesive nonetheless neighbors of all faiths and persuasions and identity labels.

Especially with those despondent youn’uns indebted til death do them part from federal guaranteed Student Loans, suicide rates and drug abuse issues are off the charts for students and Wage Slaves facing homelessness for the first time in their lives. They live near you.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List

For someone to receive a Nobel Peace prize for this farce would be akin to Adolf Hitler receiving one for creating the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.


Palestinians don’t exist? Palestine doesn’t exist?

Read Nur Masalha’s “Palestine – A Four Thousand Year History” a strong scholarly academic addition to the subject of delegitimization of an indigenous people.*

We support Palestine and the Palestinian people.
Zionism is a political ideology based on the " ethnic cleansing " of the Palestinian people. Judaism is about love and service.

Blair M. Phillips