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Palestinians, Advocates Blast New U.S. Rule Requiring 'Made in Israel' Label on Settlement Goods

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/26/palestinians-advocates-blast-new-us-rule-requiring-made-israel-label-settlement


Netanyahu must have kompromat on Trump too.


How disgusting. Labels on postwar German-made goods ack’d that they were "Made in Occupied Germany’. And it was the same in Japan “Made in Occupied Japan”.

Stuff from the settlements should be labelled “Made in Occupied Palestine”. Or even “Illegally Made On Stolen Land in Occupied Palestine”.

I wonder how many Zionists would maintain their support for the ongoing Crime Against Peace if they had to permanently surrender their US citizenship and ownership of US-based means of production.


Good thing I already got my Hirbawi Kufiya back when they were made in Palestine. Shadia Mansour - Kufiyyah Arabeyyeh


Yeah, I’d have been majorly pissed if they’d had to mis-label mine that way.


In various ways both large and small, the sadism prevails. Not likely to quickly disappear with DT’s departure.


Quite frankly if it’s not Israeli, (and I fully agree that it it isn’t), then Israel has absolutely no claim over it and should have to get the hell out immediately or be forced out militarily, as well as having to pay several thousand trillion in pain and suffering to Palestine within a two week period, or face permanent occupation by Palestine as a down payment on that debt. There is not a war in the middle east since 1945 which is not directly the fault of Israel and it’s puppet regime the USA.


The Western media has promoted the myth that Israel was defending itself during each of those wars wanting to live peacefully in the region but unable to do so because of the Arab states.

This is absolutely 100 percent false. The Wars of 1948 ,1956 and 1967 were all started by Israel.

In 1948 they unilaterally declared themselves a state and started driving out Palestinians. In 1956 they invaded the Suez, later joined by France and the UK when Egypt nationalized the Canal and in 1967 they launched a sneak attack on the Arab states.

In 1956 and 1967 Israel claimed that Egypt was “preparing for war” thus justifying their attacks.


Hi chapdrum;
And the oddest and weirdest and most inhuman thing is-----that when criticism comes Re: Israel—the person being critical of Israel----is declared by Israel to be antisemitic!!!
I also find it insane that the holocaust is brought up so often as if it’s Israel’s right to punish the world! It was a horrible event----BUT that was 75 years ago-----and the people living in Israel’s today did not suffer that.
It is almost as if the people claim the Holocaust as their own – but it is not their own, but perversely they are creating a holocaust upon the Palestinians ! The holocaust should be remembered as a horrible event — a crime of humans against humans just as in American history what happened to the indigenous people and African Americans should never be forgotten either! But “holocausts” of all sorts have been in America, as much of Indigenous history and the history of slavery.
It’s time for America to make reparations to the indigenous and the black Americans, and in the same way, Israel must make reparations to the Palestinians because the holocaust ended 75 years ago----WHY would any group of people who has suffered holocaust conditions ever want to foist this horror onto another people? To do that is to devalue any people except for you own group----and in doing this—the HORROR is never ending. : (



yes. It took me about 25 years to learn those facts…

Who exactly should force them out militarily?

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Obviously there is nobody to do so, but the UN and a coalition of western states would be a good start. Since the USA and Britain are wholly owned subsidiaries of the State of Israel, it is safe to say the US and Britain will play no positive role


I refuse to buy any product knowingly made in Israel. I refuse to support the Jewish invasion, occupation and persecution of the Palestinian people. I am disgusted that my tax dollars are taken without my permission and used to help Jews establish a Jewish state in this immoral manor. I have absolutely no respect for my nations elected officials who allow themselves to be bribed or ideologically brainwashed to support Zionism. I will not obey any law passed in this nation by corrupt officials that violates my rights under the constitution on behalf of Israel.


Personally, I’m of the opinion that all products from Israel and Israeli-occupied territories (as well as all Saudi products) should be banned or boycotted by all U. S. markets and businesses until they conform to all UN mandates and findings regarding Israel, Israeli-occupied territories (and Saudi Arabia).


Growing up in a Zionist home, from about the time of the Yom Kippur War ('72)I was often shown “factsheets” that justified everything that Israel does. As I got older and could research for myself, I learned that just because someone calls it a “fact” does not make it a fact! Facts always need to be researched. Sincere folks who make mistakes in what they presume to be facts, will not be offended if presented with a clear picture and be able to admit past mistakes. They will be grateful rather than offended.

AIPAC was one of the first PACs that used “factsheet” propaganda like this and other lobbies took off with it. Now we are surrounded by lobby produced “facts.” Talk about Newspeak!


Though he definitely and purposely exasperated the situation, these basic processes and corruptions were present long before Trump ever sniffed his flash-in-the-pan Big-Score criminal administration.


Not just Israel, but also the vast majority -if not entirety- of both faces of the criminal American political duopoly.


Well, one thing we know for sure, is that it wasn’t just the Russians that were behind Trump’s 2016 election win, or John Bolton’s tenure at the White House.


That COVID relief bill so many are screaming for is partly on hold because of so much extraneous funding provided to certain overseas countries.