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Palestinians Left to Wait—and Die—as Israel Prepares to Vaccinate Against Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/17/palestinians-left-wait-and-die-israel-prepares-vaccinate-against-covid-19


“Palestinians Left to Wait—and Die”

This has been their lot since 1948.


It is unusual but not unknown for a government to be committed to actual genocide.
What makes the Israeli government, and its broad base of support unique, is that it makes very little effort to hide the fact that "Death to the Arabs’, by which it means Christian or Muslim Palestinians, is its long term aim. And has been as wingsofadove says, since 1948.


How can we expect the Israelis to treat as human, those they consider sub-human? Stop all aid to Israel! Support BDS! Outlaw AIPAC!,and all foreign lobbies. Support AOC, one of the few in the House of Representatives, who always puts principle ahead of politics.


Hi bevin:
Oh the Irony-----Israel has become the Nazis of the Middle East.
Palestine use to have a covid 19 testing site.— just the one site. Israel destroyed it. : (


Physicians for Human Rights-Israel told the AP that as an occupying power, Israel has a legal obligation to vaccinate the people under its domination.

True. Now to get the US Congress on board – and to get international enforcement of that legal obligation.


When I saw the headline, I said "It has to be Ha-Aretz, which is about as mainstream as Common Dreams. Nobody pays any attention to either, in spite of the enormous egos on display at both.

The only thing that would satisfy either the authors or the commenters would be for Israel to supply every Palestinian with vaccine before even one non-Arab was given it… and then they’d be screaming “Human guinea-pigs! Crimes against humanity!” within 48 hours.

Do any of you actually have a life?

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”. - Mahatma Gandhi
Conversely the measure of a people and its claimed “birthright” to territory taken by force from others in violation of International Law in an extremist self-centered racist superiority and actual contempt for all others is telling.

That contempt for “others” has been seen thru history and those responsible rightly reviled; there can be no more clear example than the Covid-19 actions affecting Palestinians by the Israeli government (as well as countless other examples of inhumanity).; - hopefully condemnation of the Israeli racist mindset, crimes against humanity, and genocide will become reality when the propaganda and domination of the narrative is exposed and the mechanisms of racist superiority on a national level and agents of the crimes like AIPAC destroyed.
BDS! Zionism IS Racism!

IDF Chief Says Israel Is Becoming Like Nazi Germany, Refuses to Back Down

The outgoing IDF chief has doubled down on his highly controversial comments he made comparing modern-day neo-Nazi Israel with that of Nazi Germany.

Hi Rick1;
YES, not only do these lovey posters have lives— but YOU seem to be a very unhappy man—I’m sorry- but you have to fix that—not us. : (

You lot are obsessed with a bunch of people who I have personally met and know. You can see nothing but evil there, and you never miss a chance to slander them… and you call me unhappy?

What is so foul in your personal lives that you have to find someone to hate, to slander, to devote your every effort, every thought, to attack? About whom no racist lie is too vile for you to believe and repeat? Do you think it makes you a better person? That it excuses what you are? And of course, you are so happy doing it. So happy.

I’ve watched your fellows in tears over Arab defeats. Nobody cares about you, and nobody notices. Like Ha-Aretz. Gideon Levy. Norman Finklestein. Gay wolves. You have my sincerest pity.

Hi Rick!:
I am not clear as to who I am " slandering." If you are speaking of many in the Israeli government, then I am speaking Truth. OMG, Rick1, you speak like Netanyahu does : 0

A lot of us who speak up for the Palestinians also speak up for those in other lands , such as Yemen who are being murdered and mistreated too. Israel like many nations of the world had a holocaust —but sadly, Israel today is perpetrating its own upon Palestine.

However, if I may offer a suggestion—study up on argumentation and debate before you attack people with your untruths on this website. : )

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“But sadly, Israel today is perpetrating its own upon Palestine”. Based no doubt on your personal lack of experience, years of non-study, and scintillating stupidity. As though you really know.

And you want to talk about studying up on debate and argumentation? Untruths? Your hypocrisy is phenomenal, but that isn’t to say that it is good.

Nobody listens to you. Your level of support in the country is about the same as that of Dimitri Lascaris. And nobody will vote for you. Deal with it.

Rick 1:
Hmm… delusional?

Of course “no one will vote for me,”
I AM NOT running for any office…LOL . YOU are a sad man—but you have to save yourself; no one can do it for you. : (