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Palestinians, Wake Up: Trump's Pledge to Move Embassy to Jerusalem Is No Idle Threat


Palestinians, Wake Up: Trump's Pledge to Move Embassy to Jerusalem Is No Idle Threat

Hani Al-Masri

US President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged to move his country’s embassy to Jerusalem, most recently in response to the UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

But since the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, several US presidents have failed to keep their promises to move the embassy despite pledges on the campaign trail to do so. So the question is whether Trump will actually come through on his promise.


On a related Palestinian issue, I had an interesting experience when trying to donate to the BDS movement at the end of 2016.

Every one of my online donations to other organizations had absolutely no problem.
However, when I tried to donate to BDS, my credit card company (Bank of America) declined the transaction, suspended my card, and then notified me that there were "suspicious charges" made on my credit card.

Why did Bank of America blacklist the BDS charges?
What I think most likely happened was that a group of "ends justifies the means" dishonest individuals made donations to support BDS and then immediately contacted their credit card companies and claimed that the charges were bogus and had the charges reversed. If enough people did this, then the banks would blacklist the organization as making suspicious charges. There are evil people in this world and I don't know what really happened, but the "suspicious activity" was certainly suspicious, just not on the part of BDS.

Has anyone else have this problem recently?


Your problem was patronizing the rotten to the core BofA. May I suggest a good credit union or local bank? People should BDS BofA.