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Palestinians 'Will Not Be Blackmailed': Outrage as Trump Threatens Aid for Refugees

Palestinians 'Will Not Be Blackmailed': Outrage as Trump Threatens Aid for Refugees

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration says it will halt funding to Palestinian Authority and U.N. refugee agency to punish Palestinians for rejecting U.S. as credible mediator

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and U.S. President Donald Trump

“The Muslim conquest of the city solidified the Arab control over Palestine, control which would not again be threatened until the First Crusade in the late 11th century. Thus, it came to be regarded as a holy site by Islam, as well as by Christianity and Judaism. This stabilized control of Palestina Prima. In 613, the Jewish revolt against the Byzantine Heraclius culminated with the conquest of Jerusalem in 614 by Persian and Jewish forces and establishment of Jewish autonomy. The revolt ended with the departure of the Persians and also ended 15 years of Jewish autonomy.”

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From the article:

"“The United States are no longer an honest mediator in the peace process,’ Abbas had said…”

I doubt Abbas had ever thought of the US as an honest mediator, although it might once have seemed politically expedient to pretend otherwise. But now it’s after midnight, and all the masks are off.


But its the PA that’s the blackmailer… As long as you pay us, we’ll pretend to negotiate.

Trump and Haley sitting in a tree,

Planning on how to keep the Palestinians from getting free,

First comes weapons sales to Israel,

Then comes punishment for dissing Trump,

Kicking the weak when they’re down has become our nation’s role,

Hell hath no Fury like a Republican Congress on the “Take,”

Except for a Clown President with no spine like a Snake.


US is NOT a credible mediator for any cause –
It gives leadership only to warmongering, wars, corruption and crime in the
interests of Empire and Elite/wealthy.

It’s a terrorist nation - a threat to the planet and all life.

I trust someone else will mention its “illegal wars of aggression” and its desire


Trump represents the arrogance of his supporters who think they own the world until the bullies get the blowback they deserve and so do we the sheeple.


The Jewish state began with terrorism by zionist forces/groups, like the Irgun, Stern Gang et al, , and is now fully engaged in terrorism and wholesale state-oppression of the indigenous Palestinian civilian population as their MO.That MO is not unlike nazi racism, oppression and subjugation of civilians, also to take by force territory.

The Israeli/zionist subversion of the US and co-option of American elected officials, turning them into treasonous traitors holding first loyalty to a foreign power - nuclear armed power I might add - thanks to decades of infiltration and their lobby in the US. That subversion of the US coupled with the mental “religious” evangelicals who believe Israel is the grandest thing since the Savior walked the earth!

Psychopaths, nutters, Quislings and traitors make the world a very dangerous place to exist these days…and the US ground zero.


Haley is definitely a HAWK, she’s scary


are you serious? Look at the map of Palestine in 1946 and look at it now. Who is the usurper???


A Hawk is being kind. The furthest thing from a “diplomat” couldn’t be found. Another zionist tool as is the U.S. media.


Most Cheerleading Warmongers are scary.

They haven’t yet learned concepts like compassion and humanity.

Death Dealers the lot of them.


1946 pre-dated the partition. If the arabs hadn’t declared war on israel as soon as independence was announced, they woulldn’t have lost territory. More importantly, what benefit is there to the US to pay the Palestinians?

One can argue the same for the US giving financial and military aid to Israel,


generally true. I’m not particularly fond of throwing money at Israel either. At least they’ve stayed bought for the time being

WWSmith makes it sound as if it was the indigenous Palestinians who started it all (“declared war”), and having lost, must now live with the consequences. But if I try to “partition” your land without your consent and you resist, who really “started” it? Can it really be said that your resistance legalized or justified my taking because you had the temerity to use violence?

Contrary to the contention that the Palestinian resistance is to blame for the creation/expansion of Israel, it should be noted that most Zionists have always believed that the Jewish people had an inherent and inalienable right to Palestine. Religious Zionists have stated this in biblical terms, referring to the divine promise of the land to the tribes of Israel. Secular Zionists, on the other hand, have relied more on the argument that Palestine alone could solve the problem of Jewish dispersion and virulent anti-Semitism.

But, let’s be clear here, NEVER was the consent of the native population ever seriously taken into consideration by any of these Zionists, the Europeans or the UN. To claim that the Palestinians are to blame for their own dispossession, for having the temerity to resist this forcibly-imposed dictum, is simply ludicrous.

Donald Trump belongs on the stage. He does a really good impression of Simon Legree.

Actually, it’s the other Arab states that shoulder a good part of the blame… .They were the ones who immediately declared war. As is often the case, the Palestinian Arabs were “collateral damage”