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Panama Papers 'John Doe' Steps Out of Shadows



Wow! That occupy Wall Street group of sex crazed rich college brats sure had it all wrong. (Sarcasm)


“Governments” are complicit actors in the very activities that require
whistle-blowing. A sticky wicket, for sure! lol So, looks like “same ol’
– same ol'” for some time, yet – or never, is my frightful surmise.
This story rises to epic proportions, not so? Who wants to be
water-boarded or disappeared? The oligarchs run the show, while their
pundits decry the “Left” conspiracy.


Superb screed from whomever Whistleblower John Doe is.

The closing two paragraphs - about the structure of "economic slavery" that prevails, in which "the slaves are unaware both of their own status and of their masters... where the intangible shackles are carefully hidden amongst reams of unreachable legalese" - are the most important.

And note that X closes by referencing the growing pressure for revolution, created by the "legal" structure of criminality that prevails. Whistleblower John Doe is correct.

More and more people everywhere are becoming aware of "the [men] behind the curtain" who manipulate the levers of secrecy and distraction.


The greatest thing about the Panama Papers is that they document the critical necessity, for the well being of so many millions, of significantly changing the rigged system NOW after its fifty year reign of terror.
No need to cushion the blow for these money sucking terrorists who freely undermine democracy.
These "centrists" are the true extremists.
Laws can be changed tomorrow. But they won't.
Delay demands we completely redesign our governance, law, financial sector and economics.
A government for the people can't be a government run and staffed by corporate capitalists, financiers, and secretive lords of economics and wealth.
This is not rocket science folks.


Yep. This powderkeg is gonna blow. The elite know it too. Notice how they seemingly can't build surveillance systems, "riot suppression systems", and concentration camps quickly enough.

Beware falling oligarchies...


I live in Panama City, Panama.
And I can assure all here that are reading: no way the Internet here could possibly support a covert hack into the Mossack-Fonseca Computers and complete a transfer of over 2 Tera Bytes of data.
Heck...with speeds down here, I can imagine a hack like that requiring on the order of several decades!
(2 Tb. of data...by the way is likely the TOTAL History of that Company since 1979!)
As a former IT guy...it seems logical to me that someone physically cloned those drives...it's the only way to do it.
No doubt...this power keg is on a slow burn and will continue to fry all in it's wake for many years to come.




Very well said!!!


He tried to be responsible in his whistleblowing, but the editors were not. Time to release them all online and let the chips fall where they may.


Investors see growth opportunity it defense firms that specialize in controlling RIOTS.


This increasing trend in instability promises billions of dollars of profits for global defence firms, concludes the report, published last month by Infiniti Research Ltd., a market intelligence firm whose clients include Fortune 500 companies.

“Protests, riots, and demonstrations are major issues faced by the law enforcement agencies across the world,” said Abhay Singh, a lead defence technology analyst at the firm. “In addition the increase in incidents of civil wars in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt along with an increase in the global defence budget will generate demand for riot control systems.”

Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be the largest market, collectively experiencing a rate of growth at over 5%, exceeding $2 billion by 2020. Under the subheading, ‘EMEA: increase in extremist attacks to boost growth’, the report, priced at over $2,000, explains:

They are already planning to make profits off your resistance to their excessive profits.


Actually "their" has become fairly standard usage for non-gendered singular possessive pronoun, and "they" as third-person singular. So rather than incorrect, i assume it was purposeful.


Off topic Heads Up:

Something exciting? Rachel, "She will, she implied, fly to Burlington, Vermont, this evening to interview him in his home city, she said, and the content will be exciting."


Maybe that's how this person wants to be addressed. These days people apparently like to play fast and loose with pronouns.

I'm not one for conspiracies usually but this one does not really smell right.


Who stepped out of the shadows, we don't know the hero is at all. No info on the hero's sex, age, nationality, location, connection to the law firm, anything. Ms. Fulton, this person is still in the shadows. The stupid picture shows a person in shadows. Do you know anything about this person at all ?


Many people purposefully choose not to be identified by gender, and there has been a long search for a workable non-gendered pronoun in English. "They" and "their" have slowly emerged as the most used.

It's based on already existing usage, as in the exasperated "But what do they want from me?" when referring to an individual.

You may not like it, but such usage is rapidly growing. :slight_smile:




touching words. I feel like crying. Now please dump the whole f...ng thing through wikileaks so that everybody can mine those docs rather than only system-coopted goon-papers of the great western plutocracies like the sueddeutsche zeitung etc...


It's actually quite interesting to me that even though some of us knew the 1% existed....it took Occupy to create the language that has allowed many more of us honest citizens to discuss the situation openly. Slavoj Zizek talks about things in society that everyone knows but know one can talk about. The 1%, what they do, what they control and how they live was one of those unmentionables, until Occupy. And then Zezek says there are things nobody knows, but everyone has an opinion on....I'm not sure what those unknowns are anymore............but I certainly think for a nation that thinks its the lighthouse of civilzation, we in the west must be some ignorant to have let a bunch of crooks do what they have to our democracy.

By all means...let's expose them in every way we can....and insist the brave souls who do so, get a hero's reward, not criminal proceedings!!


True enough...but for all their spy technology, the terrorists managed to hit France pretty hard....on more than one occasion. I sometimes think a good part of their keyhole games is publicity...yes, they can track all of us as we have our usual inane conversations....this feed included....but do they have enough people with brains adequately trained to sort through it all? They think they are so smart and powerful....but planes still disappear into thin air, brave whistle blowers run off with damning data...and as this anonymous person says....the revoltution will be digitized.

Because sooner rather than later, we all get to hear about it...and to listen, after the fact, to government officials lying blatantly in camera about what's going on. For all the money and time the snoops put into surveillance, it seems there aren't enough smart cops....or loyal slaves at work. Everybody nods off (they are bloody boring) and the data slips through their power hungry fingers.



"Investment opportunities", in peace-keeping non-violent protesters? Who requirer riot police? Really? Looks more like a manufactured fabrication of outright lies to make militarized police seem the moral and righteous way to guarantee harmony? Really? Riot police? Surely I'm reading a tale here told by an idiot, out of madness. But no! 'Tiz a true non-fictional narrative of a typical bankster's paranoia (loss of power). He demands the requisite number of infiltrators and provocateurs, no matter how few or many the "crowd". Et voila! Manufactured need for riot police! Very sick. Very sad. Help, Bernie!